Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Virtual Earl Grey

Good morning!

I'm enjoying Earl Grey today. And that's kind of a big deal because the one tea I thought I hated was Earl Grey. I started drinking tea sort of youngish, like maybe junior high, because there are ladies in my family who like to go to tea. Back then, I worked my way into their tradition of going to tea for special occasions. Birthdays, showers, graduations, any excuse, really. And I have to confess, I love going to tea. I love everything about it and I don't think it's snooty. Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches are my favorite. Then lemon tarts. But back in the day, I hated Earl Grey.

Just like a week ago (I'm not kidding) I tried it. It was the yummiest thing ever! Took me twenty years to develop an appreciation, I guess. Today I bought a nice fresh box from Peets. Earl Grey with Bergamot. Delish, people. I've grown as a person.

So here's what's on my mind this lovely Tuesday, since you asked, and since you're enjoying a hot cup of something with me....

I want to start collecting typewriter mugs. Too specific for a collection? Maybe. Shauna, my pal, found me my first one in the dollar bin at Michael's. It rocks, and says "write your own story" on it. And the one at the top needs to be it's friend, don't you think? I discovered this etsy shop sells them.

Also, I want to find some sort of online spiritual gifts test for kids. Know of one? I saw this one and it seemed good. I'm pretty sure my 3rd grader could answer the questions. No way my K-gartner could. But it is my big girl I'm interested in, for now, anyway.

I suspect she has the gift of mercy, sometimes called the gift of compassion. And here's why it jumps out at me: 'cause I definitely don't have it. She can look at a sad situation, or a hurting person, or an impoverished community and feel compelled to do something about it. Of course, it's in a childlike way. But it's still her drive. Her inclination. She sees ways to help, she believes she can help, and she will take initiative. That's why two years ago at Thanksgiving, she drafted up a letter without my knowledge and read it to all the guests asking for money for the food boxes our church was going to hand out at Christmas to the needy. She was 6, and she made about $200 on the spot. Blew me away, not that she could do it, but that she thought to do it at all.

Last night I took her to an art & worship night that was being held to fund raise for a group going to Kenya. They were going to visit a brand new fresh water well the church had funded in a village there. I want to keep exposing my daughter to the ways in which people with her vision use it in our world. And a lot of the people going on this trip are highschoolers, not that many years older than she. I think it is so important for her to see older kids responding to God, using their gifts, and making an impact on the world. It became a great teachable moment, about which I will write more later.

Also, SPRING is on my mind. I'm getting spring fever. Are you? I want to repaint, I want to nest, I want to clean out cabinets. I want to wear a strappy dress. I want to trade shoes for sandals. UGH. I'm itching! Listening to this mix I made last summer is actually really helping me start to feel it. It contains enough silliness to break me out of the winter blues. I offered to make copies for my followers last year, when I had like ten of them. Wish I could do that now, but my husband pointed out that it was possibly a teensy bit illegal. Shhh. 

And here's one more bit of springy loveliness: tidbit dresses!  If you need one for a little lady in your life, check out our cake & cotton post.

Thank you for sharing your morning and your thoughts with me!

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  1. Cool mug.

    The thing that stood out to me about your post, today, is your talking about your non-gift of mercy and your daughter's probable gift of the same, which really helped me in understanding your post the other day about struggling in letting others serve you. All I could think while reading that post was: holy cow! we sure are different! (I had just written about how the whole world serves me, and I love it: http://brandeeshafer.blogspot.com/2011/02/helpers.html)

    But my primary spiritual gift is mercy, and my work through the church is on the Care Team; therefore, many of my close friends are birds of a feather. It is easy for me to accept help and caregiving because I know how rewarding it is when I help and care for others. When someone offers and really wants to help, we bless that person in allowing him or her to do it. Everytime I have helped someone, I have been blessed more (in helping) than the person I have helped! Exciting!

    Understand, I don't count myself a loser-user-psychic vampire. Just someone who--like everyone else--needs a hand here and there.

  2. your words are the greatest. and you are SUCH a sweet encourager. hope you know that!

  3. That mug is awesome....and now I want to sprint to Michaels for the dollar bin one you mentioned :)

  4. I love going out for tea too! You actually inspired me to have a cup of tea right now :) I am new to virtual coffee and it was fun having tea with you today! I actually don't really like Earl Grey but maybe it will grow on me too! yes, i am feeling spring too, i am starting my spring cleaning this week, cleaned my first cabinet and it feels great! I love those spiritual gifts tests, I used to love taking them. I wish I could remember what one was called :( sorry! I love those dresses! I am actually thinking I need to get a new easter dress for my daughter but need to talk the hubs into it :) Do you make toddler sizes by chance? Hope you have a great week!

  5. Yay!! Tea is great....and your mug is toooo cute!!!
    have a great day!!!

  6. It is so precious that you understand the motivational gifts of the Spirit and can encourage your daughter as she grows in her giftings. It is so helpful when we can have the context of their motivational gifts as we mother them. Good job!!!

    I'm an iced tea person. Haven't ever really tried the hot teas. Maybe I will have to expand my horizons.

  7. Typewriter mugs are too cute!
    And tea... I've never really been out to tea, but would love to!

  8. That mug is super cute and your daughter sounds like a wonderful, beautiful person. I love that you encourage her in this passion and I would love to know what becomes of it years on down the line.

  9. You can have all my Earl Grey. I think it tastes like black pepper.

  10. i love that mug too, Leslie. i am going to be on the look-out for typewriter mugs for you...how fun! i love what you shared about you and your daughter and wonderful that you recognize these qualities in her. i have never, ever tried earl grey tea..not sure why? thanks for joining me this week! : )