Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Ides of March Giveaway!

Today is a special day. (Do you know why?)

In honor of today, look what I made for one of you!

I wanted to give you a little gift because I love words and today is a celebration of words (I'll tell you why in a minute).

I love anything with the alphabet or typography, and so I really love this fabric with fancy lettering on it. And book pages? Well, pretty much any creation can use a book page or two. Strings of words, someone’s beautiful expression in the starck simplicity of black and white is art on so many levels.

So to be entered in my little hoop art giveaway, become a follower, and/or tell me you already are one!

And here’s the second surprise.

If you are the first one to comment with the correct answers to these questions about today, March 15th, I’ll make you a custom headband, similar to the ones I made for my blog friend Kyle when I participated in Danielle’s Headband Swap in January, AND you'll be entered in the giveaway for my hoop art. Possible double prizes!

So it's time for your literature pop-quiz. Don’t google it, friends, because Jesus will know you cheated. You gotta rely on that good education you got, right?!

March 15th is also known as the Ides of March. (Did you know this already??) One of the greatest writers of all time – an incredible word artist – referenced the Ides of March in a story he wrote.

1. Who’s the famous author?

2. Which of his stories refers to the Ides of March?

3. And why was the main character told to "Beware the Ides of March"?

I’ll bet if you paid attention in high school, you probably learned this. English class? Humanities? My teacher was so into this author that she wore a shirt with his face on it twice a year, on the Ides of March and the author’s birthday. Those days were a little sacred in our classroom.

And ya know, isn't it funny how certain things stick with you from school? I think I remember the literature the most. Well, the boys and the literature. In that order.

Happy day to you!


  1. love this!

    i'm going to take a STAB! i THINK i remember!!

    1. shakey-baby
    2. julius caesar
    3. he will be assassinated..

  2. i'm already a follower! love reading your posts, and double love cake & cotton! : ) .......xoxo

  3. Honestly...I really wanted to cheat...hahahahaha....but that would be wrong...hahahahaha
    And somehow Im sure you would know...:)

    I follow your sweet bloggy blog!!!


  4. britt K! you are a superstar. you got it. i heart shakespeare.

    ok everyone else! get in on the giveaway for my hoop art...your chances are really good right now.

  5. bummer! i guess that's what i get for sleeping in :) i totally would've had those answers for you! but good job britt!

    anyway, i looove that hoop, and you know i'm a follower.

  6. Leslie, I think we might have had the same Humanities teacher because I can DISTINCTLY remember the "Beware the Ides of March" mania she had. :) And here's the sad part.... for all her crazy antics, I still wasn't sure to the answer of any of your questions. I would have guessed Shakespeare, had no idea the play, but I did kind of recall that it might be warning that someone was going to die on that day. 2 out of 3 ain't bad, I guess? :)
    God Bless you, Mrs. McHorney.
    (yes, that is REALLY her name)

  7. i am a follower! i love the hoop art. love love love!!
    and i had no idea how to answer these questions haha what does that say about my HS education??

  8. 1. Shakespeare

    2. Julius Caesar

    3. Brutus was going to....

    Hey! Someone beat me to this. :)

  9. if i don't win, then will you pleeeeease make me one?
    i know, i know other people....it's not fair.
    but she prob. will, cause i get special privileges.
    {mustering up humility}
    i love it.

  10. yay!

    oh, and i follow your blog hehe!

  11. i follow you! and i do not know those answers. but i want that hoop art….it will go great next to my little bird one…oh wait…

    JUST KIDDING!! :) owe ya an email

  12. English Lit major here... with an Ides of March baby. http://www.joyshope.com/2009/03/ides-of-march.html
    Who was supposed to be born via scheduled c-section on March 14, yet had other plans.
    So her. So Ides of Marchy.
    Love it. Love.

  13. Im a follower already and no, I couldnt remember the answers but it doesnt matter b/c someone else beat me to it anyways:)
    LOVE that hoop art. I recently joined the hoop art swap b/c Ive been aching to add them to my decor.