Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today I'm over here!


 Hello all!
alyss was so kind to ask me to write for her series on motherhood, and so today, I'm over at her scrumptious blog

Come visit. You'll like this girl.

Look at her and her adorable little guy named Jude. I LOVE that name, too btw.

So Alyss made me think about what I've learned from motherhood. I had trouble picking which thing, and mulled over articles and posts I've written in the past along those lines. But lying in bed the other night, it struck me, the Thing.
Possibly the biggest thing I've had to learn.
And am still learning.

Well? Why are you still here?
I can't TELL you! You have to read it over there.

Oh and also, read the posts below mine, some of the other motherhood stories she's been posting as we lead up to Mother's Day. They're sweet too.
{Try not to notice that I'm like the senior citizen of the group.}

Have a great weekend!

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  1. that was an amazing post. i was *just* talking to my husband about this very thing earlier this week. thank you tremendously for sharing your perspective.