Tuesday, April 12, 2011

True religion (not the denim kind)

As far as I know, my daughter has not read much of the Bible. She's only 8. She's heard stories at church, and I talk to her about truth when it applies to what life is throwing at her. We've had teachable moments before, where I've had a chance to tell her this, this and this.

And yet, it seems she knows things I haven't taught her.

It's weird, kids and faith. Their hearts are so pure at times, it's as if the things of God spring up naturally. Of course, there are plenty of other times where I think they are the most disobedient, selfish little beings on earth. But every so often, I'm amazed. Faith is obvious to them. Good deeds are not a stretch. To love is a given. Innocence sees truth with a clarity I no longer have. Age and experience and the pains of life seem to cloud it.

A few days ago, my daughter says, out of nowhere, "Mom, why don't we make Easter baskets for the widows on our street." My heart flashes this verse from James:

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.
James 1:27

I wonder, "How does she know?" Is it because her "religion" is still pure and genuine, allowing her to love and show mercy as a reflex, rather than a decided gesture? As a parent, you can only say YES YES YES to these kinds of suggestions. I'll spend money, time, and energy in a heartbeat to support such endeavors, grand acts of kindness and charity thought up by a mere child.

Perhaps, I'm the mere adult. Perhaps hers is the stuff of real faith. Hers is the heart that understands how simple it is, why we are here in the first place.

To love.

Our home rests in our spot on our street for a reason. We happen to live between two widows. That's no accident. Today we delivered dyed eggs, chocolates, smiles and hope.

My son tried sheepishly to turn down a kiss on the cheek from the grandma who lives next door. He got one anyway.

Someone on your street might just need some chocolates and hope too. Easter provides a great opportunity to share the love of God with our neighbors. Little goodies in baskets from the Dollar Tree were all it took to make the idea a reality.

Wish I had thought of it myself.

{and lest you think my projects, my children, and I are all smiles and free spirits doing these kinds of things, tune in on Friday for the "behind the scenes" story. everything worth doing must be fought for, my friends.}


  1. beautiful. it is a sweet thing, to realize that god makes no mistakes. he ordains each step, each neighbor, each easter basket! he is at work, we just need to pay attention and be ready to follow. thanks for sharing, i am super inspired by you and your sweet family!

  2. Oh my goodness what a wonderful and sweet idea! My girls would love to do this at the nursing homes we visit,a lthough I think they'll have to just pick a few:) Neighbors are also a perfect idea. Thanks for sharing.
    PS. Speaking of the innocence of babes, have you read Heaven is for Real? Im planning on doing a sort of book review of it soon. You should totally read it!

  3. those ladies must have felt so special. what a sweet idea. and to come from your little girl? all the more awesome. <3

  4. This is one of the sweetest gestures I have ever heard of. I love that she came up with the idea all on your own. Yes, children do have simple faith. It is a good reminder for us big people. : )

  5. I love this, and even better that it came from an eight year old. Sometimes the life a parent is exhaustingly difficult, but then God's us glimpses that he's getting through. That is wonderful that she wanted to do that and that you jumped on it and allowed your kids to be a blessing!

  6. Yes leslie, it is amazing to see how God can touch even the little ones. this is so precious and who said that we can not raise missionary in our own kids right in our neighborhood. I like that verse where Jesus is saying "Let the little children come unto me. I am going to try to share this with ones i know of facebook.
    You and your family are so blessed.
    Keep up the good work. You also will be rewarded in Heaven.

  7. that is precious. I am already amazed at the compassion God has put in my little girl, and I cant wait to see how she grows and becomes more like her Father. such child like faith is amazing. You are a wonderful mama! and your kiddos are amazing too. so blessed!!! :)

  8. Friend you are my breath of fresh air. You ALWAYSrefresh me so much. I'm struggling so much with this and your comment meant so much! People are not being so sweet ab me not returning emails/calls and saying no to playdates. Anyways, u bless me always. And made me feel better. Thanks for always being so sweet to me. And PS apparently you & me never sleep! Love u!!

  9. what a great example you are to your kids....and those of us in the blogosphere as well....i am going to do this as well....thank you for the idea friend...


  10. I love how kids faith is so simple and pure. I strive to be more that way. What a great idea!