Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My great weekend {over tea}

Hi friends! Have your cup of tea or coffee ready for this lovely Tuesday?

My first question is: Do you iron your tablecloths?

Mine always have creases from being folded in the drawer, but I never want to take the time to iron them. I hate ironing. But then they look kind of bad. You iron yours, don't you?

Well, I had a great weekend at Women's retreat. We were at the conference center in Murrieta Hot Springs (they actually have natural hot springs there you can go in). I spoke to the speaker Sheri Rose Shepherd after one of her talks, and in the middle of a sentence, I realized I did a giveaway last year on top of the page for a book of hers! (I love that book, btw.) Anyway, I told her, and upon hearing about my blog, she GAVE me some more stuff to give away! Cool, huh? More to come on that. And more to come on some neat lessons I learned this weekend as well. But I forgot the camera. Sorry.

You know how when you go away and leave the hubs and kids behind, you don't quite know what you'll come home to? And you know how you've trained yourself, after 13 years of marriage and 8 years of parenting, to have very low expectations about what condition the house will be in? Well. I was so blessed to come home to a very tidy house - even vacuumed! - and this huge sign hanging in the family room.

My dumb pixel width that is messed up on my blog right now means the right side of every photo gets cut off. So you don't get to see the "easter egg E" they made. So lame.
As soon as I arrived home, the kids said, "OH! We didn't get to pick sweet peas for mama!" My husband replied, "Well let's all go right now!" So off we went to the hills on a wildflower round up. (Oh, I wish I had thought to bring my camera! But if you want to see some pics of where we went, just around the corner, you can check out this post by my partner in crime. Hers capture it quite well. Just take out the brunette, add a red-head, husband and 2 kids and there you have it.)

Everyone was so happy to have mama home. We had lots of extra snuggling that night. My little K-garten buddy even gave me 100 eskimo kisses. That's a special thing we do every so often. We both think it's really funny to swish our noses back and forth while counting to 100 as fast as we can.

Even better, this week is spring break! So we are able to enjoy slow mornings. Unscheduled time with these sweet peas is the best.

Here's a game. In the pics above, do you see: paper plates, Krisy Kreme donuts, old spaghetti sauce jars I wrapped with scraps of fabric, burlap and ric rac which took 5 minutes and I like a heck of lot better than vases, kids who won't let me take pictures of the jars and flowers without poking cute faces inbetween, cowboy boots with cargo shorts, and love notes I left at each person's spot to remind of my love while I was away? 

In the spring, I love breaking out my bright yellow felt Easter cut-out place mats I got at Cost Plus World Market two years ago. Why are they so fun and happy? They looked amazing with my daffodils last week too. Just lean in a little and get a whiff of these sweet peas!!!

Here's one more funny thing. In a couple weeks, my outdoor-loving husband is going on a guys backpacking trip. He goes a couple times a year. Always a week or so before, I start finding packages at the front door of things he's ordered online for the trip, like new gear and clothing specially suited for backpacking. Today, a package arrived while I was on the phone with him. He had me open it, and was so completely entertained by himself that he bought this hat to wear. He was cracking up. I thought it was funny too, of course, but I was mainly laughing in fascination at how much he was laughing. Boys.

Oh, and you KNOW I then had to have a ridiculous conversation with my kids, who didn't understand it. YOU try to explain a Big Foot trucker hat to your kids without sounding ridiculous. It's not possible.

I personally think my owl that I got in the dollar bin at Target is far more exciting. Don't you love him? But I love my funny husband even more. Lots.

Have a happy day.

Wait! One more thing. Have you seen our giveaway at Cake & Cotton this week? You should visit 'cause I made something cute...little bean bags in vintagey spring prints perfect for some little fingers.

Visit {Amy} and the other ladies meeting up today by clicking below.



  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend but how awesome is that welcome home banner? And in rainbow colors?! Love it!
    That hat IS funny...boys:)
    PS. You can come pretty up my table anytime!

  2. What a happy weekend! That Welcome Home sign= so sweet. Bigfoot trucker hat= hilarious. You must have so much fun with your familia.

  3. The pics, the vases, the place mats, and even the hat...love it all!

  4. love this...and i know about those pre-camping-trip-shopping-packages... boys will be boys! your "vases" are just precious and so are your kiddos! :) have a blessed day!

  5. STOP IT with that "welcome home" sign. what a fun surprise!

    love the vases, the wildflowers, all that COLOR!

  6. such funny imagery about your husband giggling, leslie! too funny! your posts are always so bright and cheery; make me smile every time. : )

  7. this makes me all kids of happy....

  8. i dream of coming home to a clean house... once in a while there is no disappointment!!! iron? a table cloth? i don't iron anything unless i am sewing!!! love those flowers... oh the color!!!

  9. Love all that "happy"!!- joy-filled pictures! I don't iron my tablecloths either! :)

  10. those sweet peas are to die for. you're glad i'm not your neighbor because i'd pick them all the time. i just posted on how the city should pay me for the lovely 'trimming' i help them with. hope your spring break is wonderful

  11. LOVE this post! Our husbands should be friends. REI has my address memorized. I've decided collecting the hiking/camping gear is the real hobby!

  12. Love the homecoming, the vases, the sweet peas. The everything. Love.