Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What the grains say

I can't add a single grain of sand to my life's hourglass.

It spills and spills. God allows it to pour downword, grain after grain.

My life holds a rhythm only He can hear. He knows the cadence of my breaths and my heartbeats. Like a baby in the womb who grows inside the rhythm of his mother, the Lord is intimately familiar with mine.

Last year, I started blogging. It wasn't my first venture into writing. But it is the first long term record of my journey. I began lining up strings of letters against the grains of sand spilling. Key strokes clicked to my rhythm, gave the grains a voice.

When I'm leaning into my Lord, I find my stride, and the grains spill with a melody conducted by the Life-giver Himself. The sand splashes down, radiating life, purpose, and nourishment in abundance, so I can then spill out to others.

My words try to capture time passing. They reflect divine work mingled with human effort. If I've learned anything from blogging, it is this: when I am disconnected from the Lord, I lose my voice. The grains beat the base of the hourglass with a crisp, empty echo.

But they keep spilling. They don't wait for me. They pound hollow until I wake up.

I can't get the lost ones back.

As soon as I remember to open the eyes of my heart, I know what to do: stop and reconnect. And then forgive myself. Deep inside, I know something precious has been wasted.

When connected and walking in His truth, I have something to say, my rhythmic clicking, my offering held up in my two pale and aging hands. When once I yield to the Lord's leading after wandering away for the millionth time, I hear the melody of my hourglass rise. Once again, my time spills with beauty and purpose like a song.

No one can silence the song of a life lived within the will of God.
Neither does death bring it to an end.
Not even the powers of hell can stop what God is doing through His children.


  1. leslie, your writing is always so poetic and lyrical. what has God told you about that conference in NC?

  2. "I cant get the lost ones back"- that hits me the most. I try to live my life according to God's plan for me in hopes that I will redeem the time that He's given me. Ive made some big mistakes in the past and now live each day with the goal of having no regrets in my future.
    Time is precious. Yet can waste so much of it.
    Thank you for this post Leslie.

  3. Oh yes.
    I'm feelin your rhythm.
    This makes me happy.

  4. Leslie,
    Your words are beautiful and so very profound.

  5. whew. so gorgeously said. you are so gifted, in more ways than writing...I love hearing your heart. thanks!

  6. So beautiful. "No one can silence the song of a life lived within the will of God." I love this.