Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Virtual Coffee and things I can't relate to

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Well, here we are again. Even though I'm ready for a Grace on a Thursday post since today was NOT a good day for me, it's only Monday night. Wow. Today turned out nothing like I wished, but the reasons are not even interesting enough to detail right now.

Instead, I thought I'd tell you a few things about myself via some statements I often hear people say that I never can relate to.

Number 1: "I love where I live!"
I'd say I like where I live. There are a lot of amazing things about living in Southern California and I'm content for the time being. There are also lots of negatives, like how darn expensive it is. My husband just told me that the price of gas is supposed to go to $6/gallon by the end of the year. Today I paid $4.30. Isn't that craaazy? So I don't love it. I know there are some very different parts of the country and the world where I could be really happy too. Being born and raised here, I used to be so afraid of anything different, but God has been opening my heart and eyes in this area lately. Part of me wants to live on a farm in Canada, grow all my own food, never step foot in a Target again, and watch my husband drive a tractor and work the land. {Did you totally figure me out? Yeah, OK. I'm totally romanticizing Ann's life.}

Number 2: "I love being pregnant!"/"I just loved nursing!"
Yeah, not so much. God made the pregnancy window a little long, for my taste. I would have been fine with seven months, tops. Nearly ten, though, is just unreasonable. C'mon now. The nursing thing...it was horrible for me and I'm not even gonna elaborate. I will just have a confused look on my face when you say how much you loved it and wished it could last forever. Actually, I will be a little envious, but mostly confused.

Number 3: "I married my best friend!"
Hold on, don't freak out. I married the man I loved and still love. And my sweet husband is my best friend, now. I love him so much, but we have to work at our friendship all the time. So I never really got that "marrying the person who was already your best friend" thing. What's that like? We started out very young; I was seventeen when we started dating. We had so many sparks, so much passion, and so much desire to be together. And we still do; those parts come naturally for us. But we've always had to work on being friends. You know...being intentional about pursuing activities we both enjoy, accepting and offering advice on every day stuff without being hypersensitive, just listening. It sounds so basic, but it's easier for us to be romantically involved, flirty, and in the typical husband/wife roles rather than that of friends. I've always been fascinated by couples who were friends first. Funny how different relationships have different strengths and weaknesses from the get go, huh?

Number 4: "Pass the ketchup."
Had to take another opportunity to remind you all of how much I hate ketchup. I just found a friend who hates it as much as I do. She calls it Satan sauce. So fitting, really.

Number 5: "I'm not that excited about Heaven."
I understand that people often say this for lack of knowledge or understanding about what Heaven is, or why it exists. Well, if this is something you've felt or said, then we need to talk. Because I personally can't wait. Life here, in these broken, dying bodies is way. way. overrated. And while it will be great to have a forever healthy body and never endure sadness or grief again, the main reason I can't wait for heaven is because of Him. This past year, my understanding has changed. My relationship with God has grown, my love has grown, my heart has grown, and I simply can't wait for that first hug, that feeling of finally being who and where I was always meant to be.

Number 6: "I'm just not a dog person."
I have no idea what this means. Don't you kinda want to hang out with that guy at the top, because who doesn't like dogs? They are the most loyal, happiest, loving things on the planet. They don't complain. They don't argue. They aren't overly needy. They just look at you like you're the greatest thing ever and come lie by your side when you're sad. Somehow they just know. If you don't feel like you're a dog person, you just aren't YET. My advice for you is to for sure go get one right now, and realize what love is all about. Seriously.

Ok friends. Enough of my ramblings for the day. Like how quickly I went from ketchup to heaven to dogs? After my rough day, that felt good to talk some nonsense for a few minutes. Thanks for listening, as usual. I appreciate the company for my virtual tea today!

{Ooh, and guess what?? I have new blog changes coming later this week! I can't wait.}

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  1. Ok I totally cant let this one go. Satan Sauce? You're killing me here. I literally laughed out loud. I totally agree with you on the pregnancy thing; I enjoyed it the 1st time around but went 7 days overdue with her adn it was a horrible birthing experience even though we thought we were well prepared. Then #2 was very traumatic for me from the start-I didnt want another baby at that point in my life and yet I got one(I know that sounds horrible and Ive healed from it now but looking back I know it was depression). Her birth was even more traumatic b/c we thought we were having a boy & ended up with a nearly 10 lb baby girl who was 8 days late! So I agree with you on all those points.
    But alas, I must disagree with you my dear friend on dogs. Do I have one? Yes. B/c hubby has always been a dog person. And yes our dog is lovable, and loyal and all that. But c'mon Les...he eats his own poop and vomit, licks his hind quarters. I just cant get past all that. I cant stand it when people let their dogs lick all over their faces. It sends my gag reflexes through the roof:)
    So I loved your morning coffee list. Im praying for you that all is well. And Im totally up for you moving here. I'll even scout out farms for you:)

  2. i love your sense of humor. blessings. :) xo

  3. this post is pretty much fantastic...satan sauce? Leslie you had me at hello! I love ketchup, but anyone with that much passion against a condiment is basically my new best friend! And I didnt marry my best friend either, but I love him to pieces anyways!


  4. I totally get #1. I've always lived in So. Ca and have had a real itch to move for the last several years. I dream of lots of space. I'm a dog person too. Cats? Not so much. Happy Tuesday!

  5. I just wrote a ridiculously long and detailed comment to this post, and it got deleted. So frustrated. :(

  6. Sarah, ew. My dog does not do that. And while I have been known to give him a little kiss on his furry head, I'm not okay with him licking my face! Gross. And I'm sorry you have a weird dog who's ruining dog-love for you.

  7. at the risk of our friendship, i won't tell you that "i'm not a dog person"... except i'm really REALLY not. especially big dogs. and that's all my husband wants in life, is a dog. an old english sheep dog named "annie". i will do everything i can to prevent it (horrible, i know).

    what we can relate on though- the pregnancy thing and the heaven thing. i have flickers that will pass through my heart, almost like butterflies, where i can almost taste it, i want it so badly (heaven, that is). and i hated being pregnant and am not excited about it happening again in the near future (that sounds really horribly selfish and insensitive, i know people would give their left arm to get pregnant. it's not that i'm not overjoyed by the fruit of the pregnancy, the miracle of it, but it's the process i'd rather leave out. can i just pick up my newborn tomorrow and skip all that?)

    PS excited for the changes!! can't wait to see :)

  8. Very fun! But,how do you really feel about these things? :) Just teasing. We do like ketchup, but my husband calls guacamole: "whipped frog." He is not a fan. Never heard ketchup called satan juice before--funny!

    Where would you like to live?

  9. 100% with you on pregnancy, heaven, gas prices and dogs. But I heart Satan Sauce. On EVERYTHING. I actually think that will be the only condiment allowed IN heaven. Get ready :)

  10. hi sweet friend :) … i need to email you pronto. am i supposed to be posting on thurs? i think i am…

    love you

  11. i loved learning more about you!!!

  12. SO SO with you on the dog thing.


  13. Drama queen.
    You would last one day on a farm you sassy lady. Maybe you can ask God to make your mansion in heaven a farm. The it'd be a farm withOUT pain and suffering in tears. That sounds like your style.

  14. Great sense of humor.

    Mamarazzi Week, blog´s tips and Mother´s Day gift.
    And a special tribute!
    Check it out!
    Kisses and God bless you.

  15. I was done at 7 months to and I do not love being pregnant or nursing. God has a sense of humor though, because I've done it six times!

  16. this was the best blog post of the month, out of all the blogs out there.
    just loved it.
    we are alike.
    i LOVE dogs and can't wait for heaven.

  17. Friend. Can I call you friend? Cause really, we must now be friends. Thoughts on your spot on post:

    -Sara Groves has a song that says, "you are never to young to think about it (heaven)" and I just LOVE that. When your 20, 30, 40, 50, 12...whatever...you can think and LONG for heaven.

    -Ketchup...the reason french fries were invented. Sorry, maybe in heaven you'll understand the deep LOVE one can have for that gorgeous, delicious, juicy red sauce!!!!! =)

    -Dogs = true love

    -Birth and nursing...listen lady...just gave birth 5 weeks ago and am currently nursing...can't even talk about it.

    -I lived in Texas for 11...long...hot...sticky...miserable years. Today I woke up and smiled JUST because it was so lovely outside my window. God knows where you belong, where he wants your roots to take hold, where he wants to grow you. I just love Him.

    -My best friend. I don't know if I believe in "best friends." Friends come in so many shapes and sizes, just like a great pair of jeans. You have your "fun cute" ones, your serious "I mean business" ones, your tried and true "comfortable" ones. Kinda describes both friendships and pant styles at the same time. And you know you NEED them all...that's why you have 18 pairs of jeans in your closet. Same thing with friends...they all serve a need in our lives.

    So there you go. My post about your post! Have a great day out there!