Friday, July 01, 2011

On my heart

A few things on my heart {for Casey's you should read her post today on vows. wow.} in list fashion:

1. I'm so excited! It's Friday. It's a holiday weekend. My husband took a few days off. And the SUN is finallly, persistently, out! All that makes my heart sing. Plus, we have a much needed date night tonight. Yay. Also, the 4th of July may be my favorite holiday, after Christmas and Easter. We even have contra-ban sparklers. Shhh.

2. I saw a piece of art at Cost Plus the other night. I wanted to buy it. But then I decided I could MAKE it. I'm going to the craft store to buy a giant canvas today. Can't wait to show you.

3. I feel discontent taunting me. I want a new purse. Mine has been on my arm for nearly one year. I go to make my bed, and want new color, different pillows. It's like an itch you subconsciously scratch for an hour before you realize you've broken the skin. Lord, free me from this itching for what I do not have, and replace it with contentment. 

4. I've spent the last four mornings waking early to spend time reading and with the Lord. My daughter has joined me on three of those. It has been awesome, but also reminds me how terrible I am at walking through a routined quiet time. I need to write more about this later, and ask for your tips or ideas. I don't drink coffee, and I'm not a morning person. So it's a little harder than I expected to get into a rhythm. This book has helped. It's been recommended to me three times this year, and then I saw it at Costco. So I'm taking the hint. OK, Lord. Reading it.  

Well, those are my thoughts for the morning. I hope your day is going smoothly and peacefully this Friday.

And here are two side notes in case you missed them...

Today is the last day to enter our "I heart summer" giveaway at my other blog, Cake & Cotton.
{You do follow Cake & Cotton, too, right??}
A winner will be chosen tonight at 10 pm, California time.

And secondly, if you haven't already seen it, you must check out this photo shoot, where my best pal Shauna (my Cake & Cotton cohort) and her family pretended they were eating pies in a field sometime in the 1950's. It's the coolest.  



  1. some thoughts:
    1. you should come here if you want sun? 110 this weekend.
    2. your discontentment is why i can't go on pinterest. just not my thing. i tried last weekend with my sis and suddenly felt like i needed to wallpaper my rental.
    3. i love that book and read it every day for a year. i should start doing it again.

  2. I just got giddy with excitement...Jesus Calling is what i read every morning. Love it!! :)

  3. How wonderful it must be to have a quiet time with your daughter.

  4. I really enjoyed this post.
    I need help terribly in the contentment area as well. We are surrounded by so many beautiful things that are flashed before our eyes.. that say we are worth something if we have it. We want to be accepted, that is natural, so we fall into a trap of materialism and it is so hard to break.

  5. oh friend, #3! This is really getting me lately. We have been forced to do some remodeling and I think it's actually made it worse. Instead of being grateful I find myself feeling that it's not enough. So frustrating! I'll be praying right along with you ;)

  6. Hey I just found your blog. LOVE the layout! :)