Friday, August 26, 2011

Is there even a question? I'm doing this.

Friends. Oh my gosh.

I'm a teensy bit wildly excited about finding Rachael's blog Squiggly Rainbow yesterday while linking up with Kristy. (See, I'm #11 and Rachael is #12 right next to me...well, the Cake & Cotton me?)

Is this confusing?

All you need to know is this.

Rachael is doing a Bunting Swap. Because she is a genius. And she is in Australia, so I'm sure lots of her ladies participating are abroad. Which is why we need to spread her little bit of genius here (if you are here) in the U.S. of A. So I'm signing up!

Read her post to see the "rules"....basically, she has a general dimension for a piece, and how ever many you want to make, that is also how many you will receive back. I think I want to do 5. Or maybe more. But wouldn't it be so cute to hang a little shortie bunting over my sewing desk, all pieces handmade by blog friends around the world? Ok, maybe more than 5. I don't know. I'm just excited.

Mmmm, also she has lots of pretty photos on her blog of different buntings she found on Pinterest. So inspiring.

C'mon, I know you want to do it with me! Because now that your kids are back in school, what the heck else do you have to do?! That was a joke, of course. 

Have a great Saturday. 



  1. hehe, thanks so much Leslie! It is fabulously exciting and I definitely agree that a bunting above your sewing table is a perfect idea!

    Love and Blessings, Rach x

  2. Well I will most definitely have to check out her blog:) While Id love to participate, Im quickly learning my limitations right now. Sadly, I have piles of bags here just waiting for me to get them listed but I havent the time or energy to actually list them. How pathetic is that? Im exhausted from this first week of teaching. Never in a million years figured on the fatigue at days end.
    On a positive note, I did make my first quilt for my sisters baby shower. Its raspberry, lime & dk. brown. Or did I already tell you this? I blogged about it today.
    Love you and I cant wait for my trip out there...only a few weeks! Yeehaw!