Monday, August 29, 2011

Star Wars rock painting

Last week, we got this funny book.

And one thing left on our summer list was "paint rocks." So when we came across the page for turning rocks into Star Wars faces, we were sold.

What a beautiful marrying of two things we love over here....Star Wars, and rock painting!

We decided to take it all down to our community pool, since it was so hot, and we had friends who wanted to try their hands at some rock lightsabers.

It went: swimming, then painting the base color of the face, then swimming, then painting the details in.

This photo features crazy swimming hair and non-descript rocks. One is some obscure Star Wars weapon known only to experts.

Check out my Jabba the Hut (or Job of the Hut, depending on who you ask in my house).

The metallic gold paint made a very nice C3PO.

This guy is a LEGO Pirate. Some detoured from the theme. And some got paint on their little noses.

Being at the pool, of course, was a little distracting, so the actual painting time was sorta sporadic. But it was still fun. My daughter said after, "Well that was a fun experience!" I agree.

Now...what to do with the special rocks....Hmm. They may just have cameos in our Easter garden next year.



  1. I saw that book last week and almost bought it. Now I'm regretting it. The next time I see, I'll grab it. Fun!

  2. I love that, we need to find that book! My kids would just about flip out over it!

  3. oh my goodness the kids, especially Syd would love this! And we have so many rocks from the kids collecting them this would be perfect! thanks for the idea!

  4. love this! although I have a love/hate relationship with star wars ;-)

  5. Sweet Jabba!

  6. Such a wonderful idea Leslie!! Must show my boys - they will love it.

  7. Does Julie have this book yet? if not, total new baby gift idea there:)
    I miss you. I wish I had more energy to be blogging right now but Im drained at the end of each day. I cant wait for our weekend in just a few weeks. Yahoo!!!!!!

  8. my son would love this!