Thursday, August 04, 2011

Staycation love in pictures

If you crammed all the good things about summertime into one week, you'd sum up our staycation.

Just had to share a few more of my favorite moments (I shared the first few here).

Get ready for a photo extravaganza.

He yelled: Mom! There's a giant crab!
I yelled: Hey buddy, look this way! (So I could take a pic of him)
Then he shushed me, mad that my loud voice could scare off the crab.

Oh my, that sweet silhouette.

There is a man waiting to happen, waiting to conquer something.

I love piers.

It's all about rental beach cruisers.

Wow. I could just stare at this photo of my handsome boy.

It's also all about quirky shops you happen upon.

A little broadway-style Mary Poppins, anyone? Fancy outfits, giant theaters, and special late nights out...that helps any variety of medicine go down.

Here's me, doing a good impersonation of a person who is sporty. And who is friends with the nature. But for the record, after kayaking, we all rated the experience 1 to 10. After ten minutes of me first having to explain how a 1 to 10 rating system actually works to my kids, I rated it the HIGHEST of everyone. What's that about?

Best pals. 

Meet vacation-us. Can you see what's missing in this picture? Stress, responsibility, and a schedule. Ahhhh. Life is good.

{Moments not captured:}

Sharing a box of happiness in the form of Sprinkles cupcakes with my girl. If you tell her she has a sweet tooth she'll tell you that, actually, all of them are sweet.

My crazy aggressive bike-riding 6-yr old making his mama stressed OUT as he wove in and out of other bikers and pedestrians on the boardwalk. I gasped at least five times. I prayed even more.

Arcade night. Even I can't resist a good round of Ms. PacMan. Or two. "Can mommy have just one more of your quarters??"

The sleeping in, snuggly mornings. The staying up late to swim and watch movies nights. And the moments stolen away with my husband, both of us fully present, unburdened.

I think I speak for us all when I say we are filled up with memories and treasures money can't buy.

I also think I speak for us all when I say I need a nap.

Maybe I'll get one in September.



  1. Love that Pier picture, too..and you have a beautiful family. Vaca's are just the worries, just being able to relax. :)

  2. My goodness, theres so much that I love about these pictures...Mary Poppins(jealous), your fab wardrobe, time with the family....its all wonderful! And Im drooling over the pier shot you took and that shop of matroyshkas. I want a set!
    Ive missed you. We're school shopping today. I start two weeks from tomorrow.Ugh.

  3. A. I love that pic of your son in front of that huge house.
    B. I want that headband!
    C. Marry poppins? How fun!
    Glad you had a great time! Love you!

  4. looks like you had a super time! love the bikes on the beach :)

  5. your staycation looks FABULOUS!

    there is so much to do where you are, and it appears you took full advantage of it.

    mary poppins! i am so jelaous (and so are my daughters).

    i kayaked/snorkeled on our trip. it was so enjoyable.

  6. vacation. so happy to see it come. and so happy to see it go. i need a nap too.

  7. I have similar summer spot pics, so it was really fun to see your family's version! Your love for your family shines thru in each word and photo! :)