Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wrapping up the summer

Here are a few glimpses of things we've checked off our summer list this year...

1. Basketball - we got a basketball hoop for the first time, and have had fun learning how to dribble, do fancy tricks, and play a little "PONY."

Little guys like to play basketball in their PJ's in between laps on their bikes.

2. Learn to Surf - my big girl got a board for her 9th birthday in May. And wow! I've gotten to see her grab a hold of perseverance and bravery like never before. So awesome.

Little brother got a try too. That made me nervous. He's 6, people. Daddy stayed close.

3. Kids Cook - I thought they were old enough to try making a meal together for the family. They decided to make a baked potato bar, Ceasar salad (from a bag), and chips and guacamole. They decided all the toppings needed, and we grocery shopped together. Frozen veggies meant no chopping, and easy to thaw in the microwave. I simply baked the potatoes and smushed them open. They did all the rest. They even chose to sit at the coffee table, decorated it, and passed out stuffed animals to each person. They were so proud of themselves!


4. Chalk Paint - This was fun. Equal parts water and cornstarch, plus about 5 drops of food coloring per cup. The colors dried nice and bright on the driveway, but faded to nearly white after about 20 minutes in the sun.

I asked her what she was writing. She said, "An acrostic poem for the word 'swim'."  Mmmkay. She is a smart cookie. A good speller? Not so much. (First word is supposed to be 'super'.)

This guy kept walking through the chalk paint, trying to do his own art. Then he wouldn't hold still for a photo. Callahan, you're so uncooperative. (He was on my first vlog with me here.)

Here's my little friend who loves animals with all his little heart. Imagine my voice over this scene: "I know the sun's in your eyes. Just lay there!"

Rainbows aren't the only things that give joy.

5. VBS - Well, our church has to be different, and actually calls it SVBS - Super Vacation Bible Sensation. It was pretty super, actually.

Here's me leading the pack.

And gosh, there were so many more great moments that I DIDN'T capture, except in my own memory. One of my favorite nights was Nacho Night, Gina's genius idea, where we had a nacho bar (each person built their own nacho platter inside a disposable aluminum tray that could be easily broiled for a few minutes) and then we watched Nacho Libre. Super fun. I also loved all the painting, and the night swims, and the summertime treats....shaved ice, trix pops, trips to ice cream, and times I got to say "YES" because it's summer.

I think that's what I love most about summer. Saying "YES" to my kids. And maybe that's what they love most too.

Don't tell, but we're squeezing in one more surprise adventure this weekend to wrap up the summer - "Water park." Shhh.

So is your family wrapping up summer like we are, or are you already back to the books?



  1. Totally trying that chalkboard paint out! So cool. Looks like ya'll had a fun summer!!

  2. you wrapped up summer with a bang!

    we still have a few things to check off our summer fun list. technically summer isn't over till sept 21stish right? i'm holding out as longgggg as i can.

  3. Love it! Next summer I'm moving in with you guys! :)
    So our summer ended last Thursday but consisted of...volleyball, volleyball, and more volleyball! We got a new member to our family, took a 19 hour (cuz thats all we could squeeze in between volleyball tourneys) trip to Vegas for Rys 16th birthday, Ryah got her drivers permit, and I think I put more miles on my car than any car I've ever owned!!! Oh and I didn't get laid off! you're all caught ya! Give everyone a hug and kiss for me!

  4. What a great job they did on their dinner! I love it. And the surfing is pretty impressive. We were back to school yesterday so it's back to real life...but I am ready for that.