Sunday, August 14, 2011

A wise little owl once told me...

Wiley is our barn owl. OK, he's not exactly ours. But he lives in our neighborhood, and we've seen him so many times, we decided to name him.

He has a white face and looks pretty much exactly like this one (source).

He's a little guy, probably not more than ten inches tall. And we see him at night, along the very dark road that comes up behind our community. Our community is on the outskirts of the city, so we bump up against some wild, rolling hills. And because of that, we have quite the assortment of wildlife in our midst.

Wiley sits at the lowest point of the low, sagging telephone line in the pitch dark, staring down into the brush. We can only spot him as our glowing car headlights wash over him. Often, we stop the car and watch. He is motionless, silent, and looks down into even darker, shadowed brush. I have no idea how he can see anything moving below him. All of us are silent too.

Wiley waits for his dinner. Every time we see him, he is waiting, staring down into the black. We've seen him at 9 pm and 11 pm. He is always patiently waiting. He trusts his needs will be met. 

Tonight I thought of Wiley because I am waiting too. I can think of at least three situations that need answers in my life. I need the Lord to resolve them, and I'm tempted to feel anxious about them several times a day. I am trying to wait patiently, but I am staring down into the black and seeing nothing move. It is not easy.

In my Bible, I have scrawled on a torn piece of paper - actually it's a piece of a church bulletin from some years ago - this note:

Waiting on the Lord is a spiritual attitude that says
#1  I have a great God
#2  God has everything under control
#3  God's timing is always perfect
#4  THEREFORE I am not going to panic or take matters into my own hands

Know what? This is so simple, and yet I feel like it is never easy to follow with unfaltering faith. I don't so much panic, but I DO so much begin to sneakily take matters into my own hands. Even if only in my mind, as I walk through Plans B, C, and D, because A seems to be taking too long. That is not OK, my friends! It is a major mental discipline for me to stop the train of thought and WAIT.

I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry.
Psalm 40:1

Just like Wiley. Through the night, he feels his hunger, the darkness, the silence. Yet he is wholly believing he's going to be provided for. It's just a matter of time.

Owls are actually wise, aren't they?

I'm going to try to be like Wiley this week. I'm choosing to believe that if I keep watching, it's just a matter of time before I see something move. And that thing will be exactly what I need.



  1. Still praying friend!. This IS a discipline. It is so much easier to start to manipulate things in order to get our way. Our God is big and there is no problem too complicated for Him. I'm sitting beside you, staring into the dark, trusting the Lord will provide.

  2. First, I think owls are some of the most beautiful and fearsome creatures. Something about them just makes me stop in awe to watch.

    Second, I love the message. God takes care of us. Always has, always will. Why do I rush His plan?

  3. I am in the same boat as you are right now. I am waiting for His answer, waiting for the sign He is going to show me and I tell you , it's a bittersweet wait. I want the answer NOW, but I trust in Him and know it will come at the right time!

  4. That waiting is always hard, when it seems as though nothing is happening, but we know He's working behind the scenes and all we can do is trust. I'm with you friend...

  5. Thank you for this post - God used it to speak straight to my heart in an almost audible way regarding some things going on in my life. Thank you for sharing your heart so faithfully!

  6. Dear Heavenly Father: Thank You for Leslie: her faith, wisdom, and willingness to share how You are at work in her life. I pray Your peace for her, Father, as she waits for the resolution of several situations. Help her as she seeks to remember that You are great and in control, also that You have perfect timing. Thank You for facing our every circumstance full-on, Lord. Thank You for being awake and helping: even when we close our eyes and sleep. Thank You for never leaving us alone. We love and trust You in all things, because You are good. Amen.

  7. Thank you for this reminder today Leslie! I needed it!

  8. This is a great reminder, I think sometimes we forget the goodness of God in the midst of the things we go through. If I am focusing on his goodness in my life then the waiting comes easier. And he is good, so good!

  9. He'll show you. In His time.

  10. i needed to re-read this again today... so i came back. i'm very weary in waiting right now. i want so badly to be in the future by about 5 years. i think i need to paste your four points onto my wall, or forehead, or everywhere until i really believe them enough to gain strength for the waiting, enough to lay it all down and just trust...

  11. Thank you for this! Been in limbo waiting land for a while now and I believe and know these truths but sometimes its good to know others also struggle with the daily surrender of it all. God always provides in the BEST way...better than we can ask or imagine.

  12. I just started reading your blog and I want to thank you! Thank you for being real and thank you for saying things others need to hear! I needed that today! :)