Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Grace on a Thursday: Reading between the posts

I go in and out of blogging.

Some weeks, I can write and write and write. Others, I can barely pull a meal together for dinner, barely make it through the day in one piece, barely anything.

Those struggles aren't always reflected in my posts. It's not that I'm hiding anything. I'm simply forced to drop out for a while. Instead of reading about my days, you may notice my absence from the online world. I stop reading around, I can't find time or energy to comment and participate in the many blogs I enjoy. I post sporadically. And I'm sure most don't notice at all. So many other words and lovely photographs are happy to fill in the gaps I've left behind by my quiet exit.

But today I'm thinking about those spaces, between my posts, particularly when my words are few. Sometimes my jobs and my burdens must push blogging aside. Especially in those spaces, I need grace.

You can be sure, in the quiet, that God is generously offering it to me. And chances are, I'm trying to work out what God is working in. I'm working truth from my brain to my heart, pulling in my emotions and walking in faith. Letting grace be enough. These things take time.

I have a feeling you need grace in the quiet spaces too. Because you're busy, you're hurt, you're fighting the good fight, you're working out your faith in this broken place with broken people and then facing your own brokenness at the same time. It is not easy to live life well. To endure, patiently, courageously.

Between your posts and beautifully executed crafts and recipes, I know grace is at work. Sometimes I notice when you don't post for a week, and I wonder about those pages in your story, flipping by quietly. I know so many women who are hurting. It seems every friend of mine is in a serious battle of some sort. And yet, all that battling is not getting fleshed out online. It often can't be, I understand. Nor should it be, in many cases.

But I know battles are there. I have them. You have them. The places where our hearts are most tried and tested are the pages between our posts. I want to remember that.

So I pray grace over you today, whether you're happily blogging, or withdrawing for a time. May you feel the Lord's favor wrap around you, and meet you in those places. He is enough for you. {Do you believe that?}

In my story, the chapters I can share, I do. And the rest is made up of layers of grace, the sweet favor my Lord has for me. A favor and a delight I don't deserve. A favor that lifts my head and gives me words for tomorrow.



  1. Boy, we are sure on the same page today my friend! Sometimes life is overwhelming...and in those times I am so grateful for God's grace and the prayers from friends who notice my absence.

    Sometimes I don't post the struggles because they're just not as much fun but they are still part of my story. And I know that in sharing how God has used those struggles to do his best work others can be encouraged and God can be glorified!

  2. wow, thank you for this, Leslie. at the beginning of this week, I was terrified of my busy schedule. but God has totally been right here with me through each step. He is enough- I believe that. thanks for the reminder. :)

  3. Thank you for that beautiful post! I just found your blog the other day and am so encouraged by your writings.

  4. Beautifully said!! There are often days when the words just won't come and I feel dried up...or there are things in my life that simply aren't for sharing on a blog. Those days I need to run to my Daddy and share my heart with Him alone. To find refreshing and release with Him. To let him give me the words.

  5. mmmm... i feel like you wrote this just for me. so thank you.

    but also, i notice when you're gone and i pray for you too. and then i always know you'll have something really wonderful to share with us once it's been worked out in you. and that's why we notice and keep coming back, just to check.

  6. this is so beautiful, Leslie. thank you for sharing your heart in such a beautiful way. i truly admire your love for Him.

  7. I do believe this is one of the most intelligent, well written, honest posts I have ever read about blogging and real life. Thank you for putting your thoughts on this topic into words. It should be a mandatory (can we do that???) read for anyone who ever considers starting a blog, has a blog, or reads other people's blogs. That we should all know a little more grace in our lives.

  8. Leslie...chilly bumps are on my arms. This is straight truth. It's like you took whats in my head and typed it out... thank you for your transparency. I'm so glad to know you through this here blogging and now every time I wear my green boots I'll think of you. ;)

  9. You so perfectly put into words what I have often thought. Thank you.

    There is so much that goes on between the posts... those quiet spaces that are often filled with difficult and dry times. Grace... yes, grace is needed.

  10. "I'm trying to work out what God is working in."

    this post was a big hug for me.

    yes, so much is happening between the pages of our posts. so much that can't be written about. it's being worked out in grace {sometimes...often times taking longer than i'd like}.

    right now i'm between the pages.
    thank you for the grace for that.
    i'm sure it'll be a while.

  11. You say what I feel, but can't seem to express through words. You add a little bit more, though. You talk about hurt, but you also talk through those feelings to get to something positive.

    So, I just want to say thank you.