Sunday, October 16, 2011

You were right. Camping was fun. (Part 2)

Going apple-picking topped our to-do list last weekend while camping near Julian, CA.

My super-natural mama friends found this pesticide-free orchard about five minutes away from our campground.

We parked the car, and the next thing I know - before we have entered the actual orchard - my son is eating an apple from the ground. Whatevs. He's enthusiastic.

This orchard was beautifully quirky.

Really, the big secret is that I'm not a huge fan of apples. I don't hate them. But I'd never eat an apple for a snack. They're too sweet for me. So the highlights were watching the kids running up the lanes and being in God's amazing creation so unlike our coastal environment.

I see myself so much in this photo of my daughter. While my son's vibrant joy makes my heart smile every day, my daughter's thoughtfulness and seriousness is so familiar. I was a serious child too, and I see how beautiful that is in her. She takes life in, deeply, from the tiniest apple to the biggest dream.

I loved the day with my family. But since I don't love apples, possibly...for me...the best part of the outing...OK now I'm a little embarrassed to admit this. The winery across the street.

I blame it on the weather. It was hot, and they had a big chalkboard out front that read "Ice Cold Sangria." I really, really love sangria. Like way more than apples. 

 I like to think of it as my reward for braving so much of The Nature.



  1. i love that you called your son "enthusiastic". i'll use that next time my boys eat rocks!

    you look phenom in that color btdubs.

  2. We go there every Fall. We are still cranking out apple recipes to get rid of our apples. We will only do one bag next year! I'm glad you had fun! The family picture is great.

  3. so pretty. I would never eat an apple for a snack wither, just one more reason we are friends. You deserved that reward or your bravery. love the picture of you and hubby ;)

  4. love all the pictures. looks like a wonderful time with family.

  5. Oh how I miss you, my beautiful red-headed friend. Give those sweeties a kiss from "Mrs. G." :)

  6. I'm with you! You totally deserved that sangria for braving nature.

  7. leslie! you're a way stylish camper. :)

  8. Julian's such a cute little town. Looks like a lot of fun! :)

  9. ahh! love your hair! and love camping of course. it rocks!