Monday, October 24, 2011

Let's talk technical

This is going to be the most boring post ever. But we need to talk.

First of all, if you comment here, a lot of times, I try to reply to your comments via email, but many of you don't have your email address enabled in your blogger profile and that's bad news. Is this confusing?

OK. I get comments on my blog sent to my email. I like to just hit "reply" and then, if your email address is enabled, your email address pops up magically in the "To" field and I can say something back to you. Following me? If it is not enabled, it says instead "No-Reply Blogger" in the "To" field. And when I see that, I feel sad, because I had something to say to you and can't.

So. If you want to get replies to your comments via email, do this (if you're on Blogger):

1. Go to your dashboard
2. Click Edit Profile (next to your profile picture)
3. Check the box that says "Show my email address"
4. Make sure under "Identity" below that, your correct email address is in the box.
5. Test it out. Comment on this post, and I'll try to reply to you. If for some reason, your email address still doesn't come up, then I'll reply in a comment on this post as well.

OK. Next order of business. Now I'm the one who needs technical help. 

A lot of times I want to quickly make a little graphic. Like perhaps with a verse or something on it. I want it to be cute, like you all have. But I don't know how. I'm so impressed by all of you who know how to make your own buttons, and headings, and printables! I don't know anything about digital scrapbooking, and I don't want to have to pay for these things that I want to use one or two times. I also don't want to have to use Photoshop, because it's such a pain. Do you know of any sites where I can get free downloadable frames or decorative thingys that I can open in Picnik and add text to? Know what I'm talking about, peeps? I hope so, because I barely do.

Thanks guys. Sorry for the boredom here today. I guess it has to happen once in a while. Hey, have you checked out Cake & Cotton lately? It's happy times over there today, with a cute pic of Shauna and I from Blog Sugar. Anyway, just go there. Because here, it's boring.



  1. Everyone needs to read this!!!

  2. Have you used Picasa? Free Google download and it does bunches of stuff. Then from there you can load the photo into Picnik and do more fun stuff. That's what I use when I need to edit a photo, which isn't often!

  3. I like the graphics fairy for images that I can then manipulate in Picnik. I feel good using those too because they are old enough to be in the public domain now.

  4. i had no idea about the reply feature! thanks for posting this!

  5. Ok this is me replying to you after I fixed my profile. I did leave quite a long comment on one recent post so glad to have fixed that now. I might or might not have been reading quite a few of your posts from archives lately. ;)

  6. yes! i was just about to repost my little tutorial on this... i probably will.

    oh and also, i use photoshop. so, i got nothin'.

  7. I think my profile's fixed now. Thanks. :)

    If you find out where to get cute things to add to in picnik, let us know! :)

  8. wish this post would go on blogger buzz! haha! listen up people! ;-)
    on my way to cake & cotton it's been a while.

  9. Yeahhhh.....I so need to learn how to make my own buttons and cute graphics. I hope someone shares a good source with us, er-I mean you! :)

  10. A good tip for everyone! You said you have all your comments emailed to you. How do you set that up? I would like the comments on my blog emailed to me, but I can't figure out how to do it. I would appreciate your help. Thanks!

  11. Hi there! I use picnik for editing. So easy! And I was wanting to add things to and change my blog a bit, so if I had a question, I just google it, and usually find an answer!;) I made my own button by doing that and using picnik and photobucket! There are coders out there that will post answers on how to do things, give you code to put into your blog template, just today I found a code to use to center my pages under my header!;) I'm not tech savvy at all, but wanted to make changes to my blog, and didn't want to pay a designer, just yet;) and it's crazy the answers to most of my questions have been out there!;)