Thursday, October 06, 2011

I need reasons why camping is a good idea.

Happy Friday, friends.

Well, today marks a big occasion. Today, we leave on our first ever camping weekend as a family. But even bigger than that, this is my first camping weekend of my whole life.

We are going with these friends, and let me tell you. Erin was about to burst with glee when she found out I was converting to camperism. Because here's my camping history thus far. A few months ago, we went camping for one night, about 10 minutes from our house to celebrate a birthday. Didn't really count, right? And then when I was a teen, I camped with another family for one night also. There, I remember thinking that probably 1 out of 4 campsites was occupied by a criminal. 'Cause if I were running from the law, I'd come to this place in the middle of nowhere. I really did think that.

If you're appalled by all this news, as was my husband upon finding out he married a woman who had never camped, seen the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite, in short, my parents are more the Marriott type. The end.

But my husband, however, is in love with the outdoors. He is BFF's with The Nature. The Nature and I have struggled to get along, though, in the past. What with allergies, rashes if I so much as sit on the grass, bug bites, getting dirty, etc., The Nature has not historically been my favorite.

So while I love my husband, and while I love what he brings to my children's lives through his passion and unbelievable expertise in the great outdoors, I am totally and completely inexperienced. And that means I'm a tad nervous. It's a couple hours away and may be pretty chilly. Apple picking may also be involved, which I'm excited about, and I'm always excited about the chance to see wildlife. I'd never feel nervous about the possible encounters with animals. Just criminals.

I know all of you probably love camping. I need a pep talk. One friend reminded me this morning that I'll be good at coming up with cute camping outfits to wear. Yes, true. But any other, perhaps more useful tricks I need to know? Tell me why you think camping's a good idea.

And then please mail me some cortisone cream. 'Cause I may need a lot come Sunday.



  1. Unfortunately, I have no advice. I am with you...I am not a camper. We only went camping once when I was growing up. It is not my thing...but my hubby's family went all the time...and he loves it.
    I hope your weekend goes well!! xoxo

  2. Are you kidding? My idea of "roughing it" is staying at a Motel 8. However, I've been trying to think of it as an adventure I'd like to share with my children, as a lesson in self-reliance and all that. One day. Maybe.

  3. so i have some tips!
    1st - wet wipes! lots of them! for little feet&hands
    2nd- bring lots and lots of cozy pillows for the tent. i even bring out down comforter.

    have fun! we just did a camping trip with our 2&3yr old niece and nephew - it was a adventure!

  4. Here you go; just look @ the top 2 collages:

    Dude. If Jim Dear & I can do it with a 1-yr.-old, a 2.5-yr.-old, and (2) 11-yr.-olds, you can TOTALLY do it!

    You're gonna have a blast!

  5. Glow necklaces and bracelets like the kids wear at halloween are a GREAT idea, if you can get your hands on some before you leave! Take two full containers of wipes! (For you!) And bug spray! And hand sanitizer! xo

  6. it's going to be so much fun. really! just make sure you bring lots of warm blankets becuase it gets cold.
    be open minded. roll with it. it will be great.

  7. Camping can be absolutely wonderful.
    It's good to get a little disconnected from life and find pleasure in the quiet/calm of life outdoors.
    I particularly enjoy the following about camping, in no particular order:
    1. Waking to the sound of chirping birds, scurrying squirrels and the scent of eggs and bacon sizzling in an iron skillet over a roaring fire
    2. Gooey marshmallow goodness and Smores (what else could you need)
    3. The intimacy created by sitting around a campfire telling stories and secrets with people you love while watching flames dance and crackle
    4. Laying in a hammock contemplating just how big and beautiful the world is (if you don't have one, you should invest in one, esp if your hubby loves the great outdoors, they can be hung up in just about any campsite)
    5. The inevitable snafus and conuncdrums that arise and are solved by modernized folks trying to exist in more primitive environements, it's always an adventure

    Hope you have a blast!

  8. i'm not a camper either, but luckily neither is my hubby. but when i have gone, i will just say that you have to get over the dirt and just sort of take it as an opportunity to relax and get out of the modern world for a bit. sure, you can do that on the beach 10 min away from home and it has the same effect :) but i guess this will be a weekend of honoring your hubby and meeting his needs. (all that said, i still don't envy you)

  9. i have never been camping either and always wanted to. my husband says i wouldn't be able to handle it, but i love nature and forests so much, i don't see what the problem would be.

    i hope you find that you actually love to camp and that you all have a super awesome time!

  10. We are big campers-- went last weekend!! Kids love it! Best tip I have for you: EMBRACE THE DIRTY. Seriously. Youll have so much more fun if you dont worry about dirty clothes, hands, feet. Bring copious amounts of wipes, paper towels, and hand sanitizer and give everyone a quick once-over before eating and going to bed. Have so much fun! And by all means, don't forget the s'mores supplies ;)!

    P.s.-- have to laugh--- the Kevin I remember is Mr. Outdoorsman. He and The Nature are like BFFs. I can't believe he hasn't dragged you out camping yet!! :)

  11. I loved this post. I had never been camping up until two years ago...and it was a complete disaster. My parents too, are the marriot type. My hubby is majorly into the outdoors and is a little embarrassed that my first time camping was with him! Anyways, once was enough for a lifetime. But I hope you have fun!

    Ps- there are no good reasons to camp when you can stay in a perfectly good hotel bed :)

  12. While I found myself giggling at most of your comments, I do also have a heart and am sympathizing with you friend.
    I wasnt raised a camper myself. Our idea of roughing it was spending every summer at the lake at our summer cottage.
    In college, I went on a 3 day hiking/camping trip through the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. And let me say, it was total roughing it. No bathrooms, no showers. And mile after mile of hardcore hiking(AKA sweating, which I hate to do). By the end of the 3rd day I literally thought I was going to die(no joke) but I was also really proud of myself for having made the accomplishment.
    Two summers ago we inherited an RV. Like one with a kitchen, a bathroom and a back (master) bedroom. THATS my idea of roughin it now.
    But if I remember correctly, you're staying in cabins right? So as Aly said, see this as an opportunity to bless your hubby and thank our Lord Jesus that you're not in a tent:) Love you!

  13. I'm a mom of three boys, so by default...I must learn to enjoy camping. I guess it just goes with the territory. My only advice is to make the days jam-packed with physical activity so that the kiddos crash hard at night! HA! Bring a bottle of wine and sit with the hubs by the fire after the kiddos fall asleep. It's amazing what a fireside chat can do to breed intimacy between people. Some of my sweetest moments with my husband have been by the fire with the stars overhead. Cherish the peaceful quiet...praying you have peaceful camp site neighbors! HA!

  14. you NEED to check out the paws up resort!! i saw it in sunset magazine a few months ago and now i am completely obsessed with it. they like to use the word 'GLAMPING" to describe their camping experience....but its true, its camping at its most glamourous state. definitely not roughing it !

  15. it's ironic that i am planning on posting a "10 reasons i love camping post (from a camping HATER)."

    let me give you the #1 reason- s'mores. 'nuf said. you can and should eat them every single day.

    i pretty much know that when i go camping (with my nature loving husband and children) i am taking one for the team and scoring major mommy points. that (and s'mores) is enough for me.

    one more thing, i am totally freaked out about criminal when we go camping. our recent camp-sight was conveniently by the camp host. criminals won't bother you if you camp near the camp host, right?