Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guess what I made collages {Insta-Friday}

As if I need more stuff to keep me on my phone.

I used the PicFrame app to make these fancy collages for Insta-Friday this week. I used the LabelBox app to make the numbers. Don't you feel like I'm just really growing up? Joining the 21st century? Sitting at the cool kids table? I have a little late-night giddy happening, can you tell?

I call this one the Four Faces. Well, Three Faces & A Necklace.

1. The No-Heat Curls and nearly no makeup face. I do this to my hair every week. I'm addicted.

2. My end of the night I'm-so-over-it-and-do-not-cross-me face.

3. My going on a date with my husband face, working the perfect, two-day old no-heat curls. (Also soon to be the pic on my bio for something really really really cool I got invited to participate in.)

4. My favorite piece of jewelry this week, made by Heather Holden (her shop!). YES! It went straight from the mailbox to my neck for 48 hrs. There is a little teeny heart above the typewriter. See it?

I call this Pinewood Derby Day with my little Tiger Cub.

Really sweet time to see my little guy participate in this for the first time. He chose to put #48 on his car. No reason. My dad totally did this with my brother when he was the same age. I remember being there and watching. So awesome how my dad could be here too, to watch his grandson this time.

I call this Four Things That Don't Really Matter.

1. Rest In Peace, favorite custom handmade sandals I got in Capri on our tenth anniversary. You lasted me four awesome summers.

2. Loving this new color! It's called Posh. It's the perfect kelly green.

3. We heart musicals over here. As soon as it started drizzling last Saturday, my daughter suggested we rent it. It's so happy.

4. I just thought Trader Joe's had quite the nerve to step on Nutella's toes like that. So chocolaty and brazen. I bought it just for the sake of controversy. Ok, taste comparison. It's for science, really.

I call this A Really Good Day.

The Reed kids plus mine equal a wild, but oh-so-lovely bunch.
And this lady, well, she was a jet-setter to Paris for what seemed like a long time and I missed her. This beautiful afternoon made up for some lost time. I like it when my bestie and I are on the same continent (BTW, did you read her post on Paris and marriage? It's a good one).

I call this A Really Good Day Part 2.

{I spy with my widdle eye, some kids I really love.}

I hope you had a great week too. I'm off to women's retreat today, so I'll be off the grid this weekend. Hugs.

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  1. the collages look awesome! and I looove that photo of you on date night. so gorgeous.

    enjoy your weekend! ah, sweet rest! soak it all up :)

  2. Pinewood Derby? No way. I SO did this when I was a kid. I think my mom even has our cars displayed on her bookshelf! :)
    Also, I cannot wait for my hair to get long enough to try those curls. You look so beautiful! :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Love your soon-to-be-profile pic and seeing you and Shauna together makes me smile. Have a wonderful time at your retreat!
    We have a long weekend from school and I cant wait to just take it easy with no schedule to follow.

  4. I remember my brother doing the pinewood derby when we were fun!
    Your curls are so pretty!
    Looks like you had a really great week. Enjoy your retreat!

  5. Ok., you need to do a tutorial for those no heat curls!! I've seen the ones with the sock..but not what you have...they turned out awesome!!
    Looks like your week was full of blessings :) Have fun at your retreat!

  6. yay for the pinewood derby! i thought it was so cute to see all of the boys so excited and into it. how col that your dad got to be there. love the curls, so pretty. happy friday, have a great weekend at your retreat!

  7. oh my!
    that pic of you is STUNNING!
    wow! and i totally LOVE trader joes cocoa almond spread! YUMMM!
    looks like it was a blessed week, indeed!

  8. love all these pics friend. I too am obsessed with the no-heat curls. best idea ever. :) you look gorgeious, and those kiddos peeking over is precious!!!

  9. i have read all your posts over the week but then didn't have time to comment. but i read, and had much to say, that i don't remember now, but i read. and that "heritage to the lord verse" so good. so so good.

    and you're adorable. i've done the no heat on my emilie. looks awesome on her.

    i have to wash my hair every day. i am bitter at your two days later still clean curls.

    i am glad you have a bestie. i have been SO blessed by my new friendship that was inspired by reading your post about the beginning of your friendship. SO BLESSED!

    have fun this weekend (which by the time you read this you will have already had)!

  10. Wow. Your hair is GORGEOUS! I need to try me some no heat curls!

  11. Your hair is so pretty!!

    I'm a huge musicals gal... Singing in the Rain is one of the very best! :)

  12. You are stunning. Love your blog!
    Hope your weekend is wonderful! Look forward to reading more from you in the future :) Hugs!

  13. your hair! always beautiful.
    so much happy in those fun photos...the cocoa almond spread science project included:)

  14. i love this post!
    obvs. my kids are all over it and they are my fav!
    but i also like your picture taking skills, little lady.
    the only part that you KNEW id need to say something to you about is the "widdle" part. not ok and you KNOW it. your just taunting me. clearly.