Saturday, March 31, 2012

I sometimes eavesdrop

I wasn't going to write tonight.

But I sometimes eavesdrop and I had to get this on paper. For them. For when they are older, and for when they've forgotten they were once best friends.

I let my daughter have a sleepover in my son's room tonight, knowing they would love the change-up, and knowing it was okay if everyone got to sleep a little later than usual from chatting.

Right before I left the room, I could hear that it had started to rain, and I cracked their window so that they could smell and listen to the rain while they fell asleep.

But long after I had tucked them in and headed downstairs, I heard singing. So I crept up the steps and sat next to the bedroom door. My son was just finishing a chorus of Black Jack Baby, the song I've sung him for years now. And then the most precious conversation ensued:

him: When you're all grown up, where are you gonna live? Tell me a location and a state. Like...the beach, or the countryside....

her: (after a thoughtful pause) Either Hawaii at the beach, or California at the beach.

him: Well, I'd choose California, but not Hawaii because of the volcanoes.

her: There aren't any volcanoes in Hawaii.

him: Yes there are.

her: Well they're not erupted. That was thousands of years ago and they can't erupt again.

him: (long pause) I like it when you're in here with me. (another long pause) You make me feel comfortable.

her: (thoughtful) Comfortable.

him: Yeah, when you're around me. (long pause) I'm going to start sleeping now, okay?

her: Me too. (long pause, and sleepily) The pitter-patter is like a lullaby.

I want them to stay exactly this way forever and ever. And I know they won't, which I why I had to write it. Just a bit of stopped time right here, on this screen.

That's all I really wanted to say.

Good night, friends.



  1. love that you wrote this down. love it so much.

  2. I loved this! Does'nt it make your mama heart just swell with love?! My two are 5 and 2 and already such buddies. Sometimes just sitting back and watching them interact is so wonderful..little voices,imaginations..giggles.I keep those memories close to me and they always bring a smile. I cherish these years.Thank the Lord for what I have been given to care for. Such precious lifes,our children!

  3. That is way to are a blessed momma.

  4. This brought tears to my eyes; so very sweet. That's a beautiful moment to have captured.


  5. Makes me want to cry... don't you pray they stay that way forever. She makes him comfortable... the ultimate compliment. I too love that you wrote this down... so glad that you eavesdropped.:)

  6. Oh gosh. This is awesome. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  7. oh leslie, what a beautiful memory to cherish. i'm glad you eavesdropped.

  8. this brought tears to my eyes. i have two just like that. girl-6, boy-4. my prayer for them is continue to grow closer as life goes on. they will love looking back on that in the years to come. sweet.

  9. pure sweetness. i'm full on crying. i blame the hormones. especially since i don't even really know your kids. maybe i wished i had that with my brothers?

    anyway, happy palm sunday :)

  10. oh holy moly.
    that is priceless.
    good job writing it down dude.

  11. that is so precious, leslie, and i love that you were able to record this moment in time so that you can cherish it forever.
    so very sweet.

  12. *love*

    i know this scene well. my own of course. another slumber party between siblings took place here this weekend.

    as they whisper and giggle i whisper to the LORD, "this is the most delicious fruit."

    as parents we labor in our child field- reading the soil, planting, watering, weeding, waiting, weeding, watering, and weeding, while God grows them.

    and this, their love and value for each other, oh, it is the most delicious fruit!

    eat up, friend! eat up.

  13. What a precious moment to capture. I'm so glad you were secretly there to share in it. The pureness of your children's heart is beautiful.

  14. That is so sweet. I love it when my littles have these kinds of conversations.

    I think the volcano on the Big Island still erupts, so tell them to be careful of that. :)