Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Conversation on Faith, Part 1


Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends!

Ever wondered about the background of my faith? How it started, where God found me, led me, and grew me?

Well, I'm over at Casey's blog right now, where she and I have started a conversation on faith.

Part 1 of both our personal testimonies is up now, and Part 2 is soon to come!

Also, I wanted to share Erin's post with you. She has written a very thorough and beautiful post on the reasons why she is standing against the 50 Shades of Grey fiction series. I admired her post so much and thought it was so informative that I'm linking it up at the bottom of my own post about the same subject from earlier this week.

Otherwise, today, I'm enjoying my Sabbath. I'm choosing rest in my heart. Stopping myself from work. The kids are playing board games. I made my own hummus from scratch, which was fun and delish. The cute husband is washing my car. The turtles and the dog are asleep in the sunshine. And worship from church this morning is in my head.

my heart will sing
no other name
but Jesus, Jesus......



  1. Just love your heart and your blog, friend! So encouraged that we share the same heart & convictions on this topic. Loved your post on it as well! And I always learn so much from your conversations over at The Wiegand's. Blessings to you this weekend! XO

  2. Loved the conversation. Can't wait for part two. Thanks for standing firm in your faith it's always so encouraging.

  3. Loved the way you shared your testimonies! What a fun way to tell your story!

    I read Erin's post the other day and thought about sending you the link. :) It's so good to read so many women take a stand against this!

    I'm glad you got to take a Sabbath. I love our Sunday rests!