Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Slurpees, winners, and hugs.

I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?

How 'bout the bad news. (Because then we can end strong.)

The bad news is that most of you did not win Megan's awesome book.

Sad faces all around.

But the good news is that Wednesday, May 23rd is FREE SLURPEE DAY at 7-Eleven!

Whaaat? Yay! 

Let's talk about your favorite flavor.

Mine, hands down, is cola. That brown frozen goodness is only second to gummy cola bottles. Who's with me?  

Frowns turned upside-down because you know you want a slurpee.

I'll be honest. The dye stresses me out and my kids will choose the brightest color possible. But for one day, I'll push down the anxiety and let them smile big.

And now for the really good news if your name is Melissa or Alyssa:

You won a book!! AND you can get a free slurpee. How good is today?

Email me with your info and I'll be sending you your special prize as soon as I can.

And finally, for each of you who have taken the time to stand with me, personally email me, or comment on my last post - for those of you who are also unwilling to compromise for the sake of God's word, thank you. I'm even more inspired and strengthened by your convictions and your strength.  When we publicly stand together, we are all made a bit stronger. And for that, I'm so grateful and joy-filled.

It's such a privilege to be in the living, breathing, powerful body of believers with you all. You deserve way more than a slurpee.




  1. My favorite flavor is also Coke but guess what? THERE AREN'T ANY 7-11's IN IDAHO! There used to be but when I went to take my kids last year on July 11, I discovered they had all recently closed. :( Sad for us.
    But on a happy note, I shared your last post on both FB and my blog and it's started some pretty great conversations so thanks again for posting that!

  2. Last year we went to free slurpee day. Hyped it up. They ran out of cups. Yep. That was awesome.

  3. Mmmm... We live in slurpee capital of the world!
    No joke!!
    My fav?
    Dr. P!!!!
    Always the thickest.
    Loves it!