Thursday, May 03, 2012

Grace on a Thursday: I'm still listening

I listen to Pandora a lot. Do you? It's a website with free music where you create your own "stations" based on what kind of music you like. When I first started getting on the Pandora train, I remember exclaiming, "OH my gosh, it can totally read my mind!" Because once it knows what kind of music you want to hear (let's say I create a Mumford and Sons station), it guesses really well and plays all kinds of other awesome music based on my preferences. Somehow, Pandora knows what I like.

But after about 45 minutes, it does this annoying thing. Suddenly the music stops. My room is silent. I have to walk over to my computer, and invariably, the screen says, "We don't want to be playing music to an empty room. Are you still listening?" I have to click "Yes, I'm still listening," and the music starts back up again.

Today I'm asking God to be more like Pandora.

Because sometimes I treat His voice a little like background music. Just a happy presence as a backdrop in my day. I'm trotting along, getting my stuff done, and sometimes I find I just don't really "hear" Him. I get so familiar with Him - too familiar - that I stop listening to His exact words, the ones being whispered to me all through the day: Love her. Say no. Accept yourself, because I do. Stop and listen to him. I really love you. She needs encouragement. I forgive you, try to forgive yourself. Great job with that. 

All His words of direction and encouragement....I let it become white noise.   

Until something goes awry. I get frustrated. I yell. I feel discouraged. My plans get messed up. Someone hurts my feelings. Whatever. But regardless, I notice the music has stopped. No more background happiness. He hasn't stopped speaking to me, mind you. The noise of my own muddled heart has drowned Him out.

At that moment, when I realized what I've neglected, I want a button to click. To reset my heart. I wish I had a screen where God is asking, "Are you still listening?" and I could click, "Yes, I am now," And our connection would get reestablished just like that.

It's not exactly as easy as clicking a button. For me, it takes a little more effort than that to wipe away the heart clutter and hear His voice again. But under grace, He always gives me a second chance to tune in.

I love the line in the hymn "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing," the prayer actually, that says, "Tune my heart to sing Thy grace." It's my prayer too. God is singing His grace over me, all day long. His wisdom and His affirmation. If only I could keep my heart tuned in, to sing along all day....If only!

But He loves me anyway. He speaks anyway. Oh the grace that He keeps speaking, even when I allow the noise in my heart to drown Him out.

Lord, help me to stay in tune with your voice, and your songs of grace.
The best I can, I'm still listening. 



  1. So so good. You always word things perfectly.

  2. i am going through this now. and feel so silly, that i need that constant reminder to listen and love him.

  3. Thinking along these same lines this morning. Thank you for the encouraging words. You always speak to me!

  4. that hymn is my all time favorite-I want my heart constantly in tune with him and with his grace.

    and I am so grateful that he is always speaking, always moving, never-ever asleep on the job...even when I neglect to realize it. he is faithful, he is faithful!

    I did need this encouragement this morning, and now I am off to tune my heart!

    thank you friend!

  5. I love this analogy... to tune in to His voice, His heart. I think listening is a discipline. We have to really engage in it and make choices to do it. At least for me, it doesn't just happen naturally. :)

  6. I love the way you take the practical everyday things and use them. Love everything you said here.."He is singing grace over me all day long"..remembering that today, Leslie. love you girl. :)

  7. this is beautiful.
    like, I want to print it out and leave it on my nightstand, kind of beautiful.

    thank you! (found you via the awesome Denise at Victory Road)

    you should stop by...I have a beautiful give away!!!

  8. ahh i so know what you are talking about with the pandora thing...and what an incredible analogy. incredible. I often have Him as background music. thanks for sharing girl. love to you!!!