Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Head bowed, sword raised

I don't have a lot of words tonight. Not my own, anyway. The only ones I feel like sharing are the two pieces of Scripture going through my head today. 

But before I get to that, thank you for your prayers for my morning. The 101 Wed. group was awesome and I can't wait to share more about it. I was about to burst into tears before I got out of the car because of how strongly I felt the Spirit moving this morning.

Back to my heart right now. Many times today, I thought of how the Bible calls God's word a sword. In Ephesians 6, where Paul is teaching on the armor of God, listing what we are to put on every day in order to be "strengthened by the Lord and by His vast strength," the last item is not a piece of armor. It is not a defensive piece of protection. It is a weapon, the only one on his list.

"Take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is God's word."

In essence, I read Ephesians 6 to say, "Once you've made sure to protect your heart and mind, pick up your sword and get ready to use it."

God's word is an offensive weapon. Not defensive. It needs to be wielded and used with skill, striking at the right place, at the right time.

The other verse on my mind is this.

That pretty much sums it up.

Standing firm. Head bowed, sword raised.

How about you?



  1. I honestly love this. For real! God has really been speaking to me lately about the importance of His word and putting it before everything else. Instead of IG. Instead of Facebook. Instead of Netflix. etc, etc. Your blog is so encouraging and I so wish we could chat over coffee:) Have a great day Leslie!:)

  2. im so glad the Spirit was with you so strongly yesterday...I prayed for you often yesterday! I am excited to join in. I even read a little in it yesterday with Abigail. :-) And thanks for your truth this morning. I needed to be reminded to take up my TRUTH as a weapon and not just go by feelings in this moment. Love you friend.

  3. Today I choose faith! Thank you, Leslie!

  4. i'd also add that that sword is meant to slash those of the liar, who tries to keep us from loving the LORD God with all our minds"

  5. head bowed and sword raised. i love it.
    to use it against the enemy whose desire it is to destroy
    us and lead us away from Gods path.
    as always, you posted something i desperately needed to hear.