Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heeeey, what's YOUR name?

Hi friends!

Every so often I like to do a little meet one another post. It's helpful for me to know who's reading and learn a little bit about you. And it's helpful for you to know one another a little better too. I would like to think that we (you and I) here at top of the page are part of a community, a fellowship of women who want to grow and glorify God with their lives.

So if you would be so kind, how about say Hi to me and your fellow readers by leaving your first name, age and if you want, whether you have kiddos (ages?) in a comment?

It's time to de-lurk, girls. I'd love to know a little about you so that I can understand where you are in terms of life stage better.

Also, if you want, it would be great to know what kinds of things you may enjoy reading about, or issues you are struggling with. I hesitate to put that out there, since I almost exclusively write about what God stirs in my heart. But I just want to try it out. If you have a question, why not ask it? If we are in a functioning community, then we are here to support and encourage one another. Not just a one way convo from me to you, but an interactive exchange. That's my hope, anyway.

So I'm Leslie. :).  Sometimes when I smile really big, I get a scrunchy nose. I call that rabbit nose (see below).

I'm 37, and I have a son who's 7 and a daughter who's 10. Kev and I have been married for 15 years, and it's pretty clear that our marriage is the tool God has chosen to use in both our lives to refine us and draw us to Himself. I love having a family with him. I also love books, fabric, discipling other women, and wiener dogs not in that order.

So heeeeeey, what's YOUR name?  

(that's Joey, from Friends, btw. I'm dating myself, I know.)



  1. Hi, my name is Isabel and I am seventeen years old. I absolutely adore your blog! Keep up the good work. :D :D :D


  2. Hi, I am Jessica. I am a college student and I love life and love God. you can find me over at:

    I blog about God, college life and some of my random poetry. I hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Hi, I'm not a lurker but I thought I would introduce myself anyway.

    I'm Kara age 24. Foster/adoptive momma to one sweet 14 month old boy. In the process of getting back on the list to adopt another kiddo :)

    I blog at

    Your blog is my fave.

  4. love this! and i might just steal this idea this week :)

    carina, 34, 3 boys: 5, 3, 2. in the (very long) process of adopting another.
    i love reading what's on your heart and i'm glad we found each other!!

  5. This is fun! I am also not a lurker, and I was SO happy I got to meet you last year at Blog Sugar! Love you & your blog!
    Mel, 33, 3 kids. 2 girls (5 & 4) and a sweet 6 week old baby boy :)

  6. Hello! I'm Marla, 33, 1 daughter (6 yrs old), and married for 8 years. I came across your blog not too long ago and found your words to be incredibly encouraging. Thanks for sharing your love for God.

    I'm a photographer. I love reading, traveling, and my cup of coffee in the mornings. You can find me here :

  7. I'm Nicole! I've been married to Andrew for 10 years and we adopted two babies from foster care (who are now 5 and 2). I grew up in Northern Minnesota and moved to Georgia when I was 18.

    I love reading about just day to day life here. You are so graceful and remind me that life isn't about the big things, it's about all the little moments that roll together and are easy to overlook.

    I blog over at about a little bit of everything!

  8. I'm Susan and I'm 55 years old. I love reading about what God is doing in your life. I have two little nephews, ages 4 and 2 - and learn a lot from what you write about your kids and what is on your heart for them. It aligns with what my husband and I desire for these little guys who are so precious to God and to us.

  9. I'm Chandra. Wife of almost six years and mom to a two and a half year old. I love reading your honest, i'm not perfect posts. Your lessons learned are lessons I take to heart. They encourage my walk with God. thank you.

  10. Hi! What a fun idea! I'm Kelly and am a semi-lurker. I'm a faithful reader of your blog but not the best at commenting. Often times I feel like I need to think about your posts before I comment but by the time I come back to comment, you've posted something else that makes me think and the cycle starts all over. But do know, I read and I love it! :)
    Anyway, back to your question. I'm 35 and have 3 boys. Garrett(10), Carson (7) and Graham (4). I stay home with the boys as well as two of my nieces, Kylee(10) and Maleigha(4). I've been married for almost 13 years to a wonderful, godly man I met in college. That's just the tip of the iceberg but this comment is getting too long! :)

  11. Fine. I'll de-lurk. :) My name is Carley. I'm 28. I've been married for almost 4 years, and I have a 7 month old baby girl. I love reading your blog, and seeing how God is working in your life.

  12. Hiya - My name is Ashli. I'm the big 3-0 this year...and am so excited to hit this landmark age and time of life. I've been married for 7 years to wonderful/wacky chef/artist/rennaissance man, no kiddos. I live in New York City and used to blog but had to pull it for privacy reasons with my job.
    One day, I hope to be back out there.
    I enjoy your blog very much, especially the photos...and I have a pretty blue typewriter just like in the photo.

  13. Hi! I'm Kate. I just turned 25. I've been married for almost 3 years. We don't have any kids yet but hope to in the next year or so. I just discovered your blog in the past few weeks but have really enjoyed reading it and been blessed and challenged by it. Even though I don't have kids yet, I feel like I am learning a lot about godly parenting from you! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  14. Hi Leslie! I am 23 years old and I have been married for two years and my hubby and I are trying for our first child. I love being creative, reading the news, sewing, and curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and drinking tea! Lately I have found myself in kind of a shift where I am tired of seeing the latest and greatest that everyone is using on the internet or how they found the perfect vintage dress, and I want more 'meat'. I want to know what is going on the world and how I can make a positive change. I think that is why I enjoy your blog so much, it's not a bunch of fluff but instead it's real life words from God. It's beautiful.

  15. heeeeeeey, i'm sara! i'm 28. eric is my husband (he's four years older than i) and we've been married going on 9 years. we have two babes (julian who is '5 and three quarters', and molly who is '4 and one quarter'). i haven't figured out if they love fractions, or if they just need to possibly one-up one of their friends who might have been born in the same year. they're funny. i am first and foremost a disciple of Christ and crave to seek him with all my heart. i have dry seasons, but right now i'm on fire for Him. my favorite scripture at the moment is romans 14. it has taught me so much in the last month. it's autumn right now and historically this is the season where i am at my happiest. my favorite hobbies are photography, making memories for my family, and baking. oh yes, and i'm a recovered grammar snob. : ) i love your thoughts, leslie. i especially enjoy reading your posts because you back up just about everything you say with scripture. you are wise, outgoing, and seemingly fearless which i find particularly attractive. i adore you as a sister and your family seems sooooooo sweet. xxoo, sara

  16. me again! ;) I'm Heather, I am 35 years old next month, I have been married to Nate for 15 years this November, we live in Temecula, CA. I have two kids, Olivia who is almost 10 and Brennen who is 7 next month. I am forever grateful that God gave me the desire of my heart, one boy and one girl. We are not planning on having ANY more kids, thankyouverymuch ;)

    We are connected because one of my besties (Heather) is besties with one of your besties (Shauna). I'm planning on meeting you both in real life one day, I feel like I already know you guys!

    You speak directly to my heart about exact things my heart is feeling. I really enjoy reading your blog and just encourage you to keep writing about what God says to your heart, because it's working for me! ;)

  17. Hi Leslie! I'm Beth. I'm 23 years old and have been married for a little over a year. We are in the "settling" phase of our life as we have lived in 3 cities in our first year of marriage. We aren't planning for kids for a while...we're on the "at least 5 year plan." We believe that we need to figure out "us" before we add anyone else to the mix. Besides...we're a little selfish and have a lot of things to do before we have kids.

    I started a blog before I got married and have kept up with it through this first year. You can find me over at I'm really glad I started blogging because I love to go back and re-read what has happened this year. I blog about things on my heart...I blog for myself about what God has been teaching me, how to become a Proverbs 31 wife and what it really, truly means to be a Godly wife.

    I love reading your blog. You inspire me to be better. As you know, I've been inspired to memorize Scripture, so I'm thankful for you and your example. :]

  18. Hi, Leslie! I really enjoy your blog and have been reading for about a year now and found your blog through my friend Angel (Living with Moxie). My name is Tia. I just turned 30 this summer :) I have been married for 9 years and have 1 boy (7 yrs old) and 1 girl (4). I am currently re-reading Jen Hatmaker's 7, am in the middle of Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts, and just started Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel. Not usually a fan of reading multiple books at once, but God is weaving some amazingly common threads in my life through all of these books!

  19. Hello Leslie! I'm coming out of hiding! I love your blog - nothing I'd wanna see different - just keep doing you! I am 27 years old and married to my love for 4 years. No kids yet - still waiting on God's timing for that. I blog over here at Thank you for all the encouragement and wisdom you share on your blog!

    1. Forgot to add I live in the OC - Placentia, CA

  20. Hi Leslie! I'm Becky. I try not to lurk and have commented a couple times but I read your blog all the time. I'm 30 years old and married to a called preacher. We have an 8 year old daughter. I love all your writing and am inspired by your blog. I've been thinking about starting a blog but have yet to actually do it. We are going through a lot of changes right now, following my husbands calling and seeing where God is taking us as a family. It's amazing how so many times, I read your blog and it speaks to me and my situations. I'm very thankful for you and how you truly speak from the heart!

  21. Good morn!

    I am Jen from Windy Ridge. Child of God. Saved by grace! Mother of 10 and wife to Levi. Designer, manufacturer, blogger. Found you via the Wiegand's Blog and read your guest post on prayer and it moved me at a time that life had me on my knees. Love your blog as it is, fellow traveler:)

    Blessings to you and yours!

  22. I'm Liza (pronounced like Lisa)! I've been following you for quite awhile, but I don't remember if I've ever commented on anything or not. I'm 24 and married for just over 3 years. I have a 11 month old daughter who will be 1 on October 11th.

    I've really enjoyed reading your posts about parenting. While I only have a toddler, I still love reading about the wisdom and honestly you share about your struggles and joys in parenting. I like drawing wisdom from women who have been where I am right now.

  23. i'm melissa (or mel). i have two kids, a son who will be 9 this saturday and a daughter who will turn 7 in november. i will turn 37 next month (not sure how that happened!).

    i enjoy reading about your beliefs and relationship with god. and, i enjoy your perspective on parenting, especially since you also have two children (boy and girl) who attend school outside the home. :)

  24. references to 'friends' means you're old?!
    man, that means i AM old too.
    i still think it's a fairly recent show.
    ha ha ha!

    i'm steph.
    i don't think i'm a lurker. ;) but here i am introducing myself.
    i have 3 little girlies, ages 3, 6 and 8.
    (yup... look out in about 10'ish years... i may be sent to the looney bin.)
    i am 33 years old.
    my husband and i have been married for almost 13 years.
    hmmm... what else?
    i love running, good coffee, my BFF, camping, crafting, home decor...
    in no particular order.
    and i love, love, love my Jesus... and His everyday graces extended to me.
    i am blessed... but i struggle with insecurities, self worth and the ability to say no (i'm a hard core people pleaser).
    i love reading all your posts b/c they usually speak to me or someone i know dearly in a specific way.
    i relate a lot to you... in our type a, perfectionist way. ;)
    so keep doing what you're doing.
    i'm not going anywhere! :)

  25. Hi! I'm Julia. I am 29, married for (almost) 7 years and have two kiddos: a 4 and 3 year old. We live in Minnesota though I grew up in the south (Georgia) and am homesick often! My oldest was diagnosed on the autism spectrum this past year, we lead a small group, and I write a design-ish blog (I have a background in design)..

  26. I am Breeann :) I'm 27 and have been married for 4 and a half years. No kiddos yet, but we definitely want's just not God's timing yet.
    I love reading your blog. Your posts are always encouraging to me. xoxo

  27. hello!
    my name is mary and i'm 33.
    i have been married for 15 years, we have four children(13, 11, 8, 6), and we would love more!
    i have been saved by God's amazing grace for 27 years, and i am constantly amazed by His grace and patience with me.
    my hope is to spread the Gospel to those He puts in my path, and to live my life for His honor and glory.
    i'm not a lurker, i've commented many times, and i always enjoy coming back for more.
    i'm an avid coffee drinker, sometimes runner, forever nest fluffer, and ocd vacuumer. in that order. ;)

  28. Hi! I'm Christie and I'm 29. I've been married for 8 years to be love of my life and we have made three beautiful boys together! We just moved to Wheaton, IL about a year ago, but I'm a Texan at heart. We are families pastors at a church in our town and love what we do!!! I enjoy running (a recent addition), baking, thrifting, giving old things new life, blogging (when I can find the time), and crafting!!

    Love your blog, Leslie!! I've been a faithful reader for a while now! It's my favorite and I've loved seeing your voice as a writer grow. Can't wait to see the doors the Lord opens up for you in the future!!

  29. Hey girl, I'm Natalia. I recently moved to Portland from the beautiful southern California! I am 23, married to my amazing husband for 2 years & we are expecting our first bundle of blessing in March! I am coming out of lurking....& enjoying it! ha.

    I found you through the beautiful Casey Wiegand & fell in love.... thank you for being outspoken about what Jesus is doing in your life. you are a godly women who speaks into my life & i know many times it is through the Lord's providence! so thank you for being a blessing.

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    2. oh & i blog over at

  30. well you already know me. but i love reading everyone else's introductions! how cool is this!?! so, for everyone else's sake, i'm aly and i'm 28. mom of two girls, 3years old & 7 months old. i live in san diego with my football coach husband of 7 years [in just a couple weeks it'll be 13 years since we started dating]. i relate to Lauren's comment above, in that she's looking for less fluff and more meat in her blog-reading. i'm all about that too :) lately, the Truth is becoming my obsession and i can think of no better way to spend my time. thank you for consistently pointing us [us collectively, and me personally] to Jesus. you are a gift, friend!

  31. Michaelann. 24, college student, perpetually uncertain and wanting to make faith a greater part of every breath. I work for a nonprofit, which I enjoy some days more than others. I am looking for godly, faithful role models.

  32. You know me...
    38 (a.k.a. "the middle of the upper 30's").
    Wife of 16 years to Michael.
    Mommy to Noah-14, Emilie-13, Josie-10.

    I like Jesus, worship, my family, a bit of creativity, friendship, and words that stir my heart.

    I like you and the words the Spirit speaks through you to stir my heart.

  33. oh leslie I am loving this! and you KNOW I love YOU!!
    you know me already, but here goes...
    I'm Sarah, I am 29 (almost 30 boohoo). I am married to Parker and we have two sweet girls, Abigail (2.5) and Bethany (8 months). We have been married for a little over 9 years and I cannot imagine anything more refining in life than marriage and having a you said yourself.

    I love to dance, to bike, to sit outside (Im outside as I write this!), to stay up way-too-late having way-too-deep convos with my hubby, and I actually love time by myself. I'm really okay being kindof a "homebody" as my hubbs likes to say. :) But I love community too.

    Les, yours was one of the very first blogs I ever read when I started blogging a year and a half ago, and I ahve always been drawn to your openness and willingness to speak Truth. HIS truth, Not just "religious: truth, but I always feel like you are truly led by the Spirit and I love that about you.

    only thing I don't like: that I have not met you in person yet. :( BOO!!! we need to change that. :)
    LOVE YOU!!!! YOU doin.
    (I totally read your title just like Joey before you even clarified it, btw)

  34. Just like Sarah, I read that title like Joey and then added the how YOU doing in my head. Yes, I watched Friends just a bit way back when :)

    You know me, but others might not....

    I'm Gina
    Married 13 years
    3 kids, 6, 7 and 9

    I love Jesus, coffee, a good book and fluffing my nest, and my dog. And I love to read what God speaks to you, because so often the Holy Spirit uses your words to speak just what I need to hear. Your words are always an encouragement!

  35. I'm Mindy
    Married to Bill 17 years
    Audrey-14, Ben-10, Luke-almost 7

    A new blog follower (as in 5 seconds ago). Got to you via Joy's Hope and the Happy Day project and you doing the blessing bags. All in a chase to find the correct links for an upcoming blog post.

    Looking forward to getting to know you more.

    1. And I'm 38. So if you do the math, minus a month and a half between wedding and birthday, yes, I was 20 when I got married. Which is practically a baby, now that my daughter is 14- that would be in 6 years!!! How did I think I was old enough, with just three years of college under my belt? Oh yeah- BEST HUSBAND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and GOD!

  36. Hi I'm Katherine, met you through Shauna. I have four girls, 8,5,3 and 3. I love your blog and have been inspired and encouraged and challenged many times through it. I stopped drinking Diet Coke and Coke altogether after reading your blog, not sure if I like that or not, but I am sure my body does. I still miss that fizz. Anyway, I am an ice tea drinker now! Thanks for sharing your heart and your walk with the King of Kings. It's so good to be His!

  37. Im Ammi from Australia,
    I have a son, 3, and daughter, 1.5.
    married 5 years.

    Im not often online so I am an avid fast 'picture reader' and just look at everyones pretty pictures for inspiration etc., but I do find I stop at yours to read what your thoughts are on God, prayer and learning the scriptures. Its cool. keep it up.

  38. Hi, I'm Tina, 29, been married for 3 years to a big hearted, worry wart:) and have two sons; J (10) and Ace (1). I have been reading the blog for probably about a year now and you have no idea how much you incourage me. Seriously, when I'm feeling down I hit my favorites and come straight here because you always speak straight to me. You have truly blessed me with your wisdom and insight. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    At times you've referenced hard times in your marriage and I've tried to go back and read all your posts on marriage; I feel like your husband and mine as well as you and I are very similar in your attitude and outlook. My husband and I are going through a hard season and I just wanted to let you know those posts have helped me not feel so alone. Again, thanks! :)

  39. We've "met" before via Casey's blog when I commented on one of your mentoring posts. You left me the sweetest reply. :) I'm Charity, I am 34 years old. I'm a Military Wife, a jewelry designer and metalsmith, and a wanna-be writer and photographer. I love your blog and appreciate you sharing your heart for God with all of us. Your writings have helped me keep my faith and trust in God when I needed it most!

    Charity @

  40. hey girl. i have just started reading your blog...i don't even know how i found it? my name is missy. i am 34 years old and have been married for 12 years. we have 5 children,a son and four daughters. eeeekkk. :)
    kaden (9), kaycee (almost 8), campbell (5), calli (almost 4) and
    karolina (1). my life is full and choatic, but i being a mommy and wife and desire my home to be a place of refuge for my family. we live on a farm out in the country in pennsylvania. i enjoy: reading, blogging, thrifting, and the adore the beach. i love when women of God speak honestly and candidly about real life...

  41. Ok you guys are AWESOME!! I wish I had the time to reply to each of you individually and thank you for introducing yourselves! This was so fun for me to get to know you better, and I really appreciate your responses. I hope I get a chance to visit each of your blogs soon. Thanks for reading and for your super generous encouragement. Hugs to each of you...

  42. Hey Leslie!!! We have met a couple times but I will introduce myself to the others! I am Heather, 36 yrs (still getting used to that). My hubby is Jose & we have been married for 15+ years together for 19!!! We have a 13, 11 & 7 yr old. I love crafting, sewing, movies with my "Joser", & making fun trips with my family. I homeschool my 7 year old & partime for my 11 yr old. It is suuuuuper challenging, but I know it's what God wants right now so He gives me the strength to make it work each day. I LOVE your blog & u constantly remind me about what God wants/thinks of our job raising our kids. I really feel HE is using you to help me see things in a different light & I am so thankful for that. I am reading "Queenbees & Wannabees" right now & would recommend it for any mom of a pre-teen to teen daughter. Very insiteful & helpful.

  43. hi!! I'm Amy from San Diego...I'm 33...been married to Steve for almost 9 years. We have a 4 year old daughter (Claire) and have been trying for #2 for awhile (I blog about that a other things God is doing in our lives). I'm in full-time children's ministry at our church, which I LOVE!

  44. Hey Leslie! I'm Amy from Georgia. I'm 28 (29 on Monday!)...married for six kids (unless our yellow lab kind of counts!)...I've been reading your blog for awhile - love your perspective and your heart. God has used quite a few of your posts to challenge me or meet me where the need is deepest (I'm so sorry I'm not good at commenting to share that with you...). Your Grace on a Thursday series opened my eyes to a deep need for allowing God's grace to change the way I treat myself - learning to extend grace to myself has been quite a journey. So, thank you for blogging your heart - God is definitely using your words. Nice to "meet" you :-)!

    PS: I blog at :)

  45. Hello! I'm Heidi from Minnesota. Found you via Casey W.
    I'm 32, married for 9 1/2 years, one 5-yr-old in Kindergarten and one 2 1/2-yr-old. I also have a photography business from home ( I love being a mom but struggle with finding the balance between that and my work (we need my income at this point).
    I also sometimes struggle with over-committing in other areas of my life, and I feel like it takes away from things I want to do as a family, but I also feel like I'm not "doing enough" if I am not involved in ministry outside my home.
    I have this insatiable hunger for good ideas that I try to put into action and then don't keep up with them (like cleaning systems and chore charts and daily schedules)...while in my heart I realize that if I just kept things simpler and didn't try to be super-mom I would probably have more time for just talking to and listening to my children. *sigh*

  46. Hi Leslie!
    I'm Lelia .... I emailed you a couple of weeks back about the girl social issues at school! Yikes! :-P
    Anyhow, I'm 33, married 10 years on Friday (whoa, we made it a decade!!) :-) We have two children - Lainey, 8 & Jaxon, 6.
    I so enjoy your blog! So fun & inspiring to read. You're so very relatable & I'm grateful for you sharing your heart!
    Lelia Miller

  47. Hey y'all! What a great idea this is.

    I don't know how it's possible, but I only just discovered this great blog a few weeks ago. Of course, I immediately subscribed and receive so much inspiration and encouragement here.

    My name is Melissa and I'm 33. Married to an amazing man, Bart! We have one son, Lil' B who is 3. Praying that God will bless us with a sibling for him and open our home to someone who needs love!

    I love talking about God and the Word. Obsessed with all things crafty and junky and vintage. And I'm incredibly blessed by the two guys in my life. I blog all about it over at

    Thanks for this Leslie!

  48. Hi Leslie! My name is Chauncey and I'm 34. I live in Nashville with my husband of 7 years and our three children: Jacob is 10, Brooklyn is 4.5 and our little guy, Connor, is 9 months old. I honestly don't remember how I found your blog, but I love how honest and real you are about God and life. I'm a believer who loves God and loves life, but I have daily struggles and challenges just like the rest of us. Feel free to check out our family blog here:

    Look forward to knowing you better through blogland! :)

  49. Hi, Leslie. My name is Ashley. I'm 27 and mom to two wonderful children, Jerry who is 3 and Clara, who is 15 months. I'm married a wonderful man named Rob. I live on Maryland's Eastern Shore. A friend was awesome enough to share your blog with me and I pop back in from time to time to read what you're up to. And I enjoy how you put such deep concepts into heartfelt words that are very relatable and practical to what a young mom goes through. I, too, blog. Though I hope my blog can be like your's one day when it "grows up." :-)

    Keep writing!