Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday to Sunday, in photos

This past week, it really felt like our fall schedule had descended upon us. Here are a few glimpses captured on my phone over the past 7 days. This is my every day life. And I love it.

Last Sunday, a trip to the flea market was in order to celebrate my sis-in-law's birthday. This table covered in vintage ice cream scoops made me wish I had a collection of something. Like maybe ice cream scoops. Aren't they pretty? Do you collect anything?

I guess you could say I have a mini-collection of Amy's lovely fabric wrapped bracelets. They went directly from the mailbox to my arm in seconds. Somehow they perfectly matched my outfit. For those of you who are unlucky and didn't win them from her giveaway (because I did!!), you can buy your own here, like commonfolk. (Just rubbing that in because I never win stuff ever.)

My girl takes advantage of our yearly insurance allowance for new glasses because it's just another stylish accessory to her . This was a funny visit, actually. My son was whispering his approval or concern depending on how many letters in the row she named correctly. He thought she was being tested and didn't get that the doctor kept changing how well she could actually see them.

My thread rack fell over and all these spools dumped everywhere on my desk. But it gave me a chance to look at them and arrange them again.All but 2 of them were my mom's and grandma's. The small wooden spools are stamped "15 cents", and the thread colors are vibrant and unusual. Somehow this assortment is a thread in an of itself, connecting me to the matriarchs before me, women who created. I love that. And I miss my grandma.

Here is me in my car, about to spend my first morning in one of my kids' classrooms. Helping out has always been one of my biggest priorities. It is some of the best spent time of my week. I highly encourage you to keep a regular presence in your kid's classroom, if possible. My son told me earlier in the month that he didn't know of any other mommy who liked to be in their class as much as I did. Now, there are moms who are in there more often. But that's not what he said. He said who LIKED to be. He is proud to know I want to be there, participating in their lives as students. The teachers feel supported, the kids feel loved. It helps to bring a hot drink.

I finally hung this verse that I got from Aly. When I was cutting it out, I felt like I was breaking some rule, though, like when your kid tears a page out of a library book. But she gets me, so it's all good. It just fit so perfectly in this old frame I found at an antique store and then stuck in a closet for months.

My girl started a new swim team this week too. She loves swimming. But it also means we are not home until 7 pm twice a week. Kinda throwing off my meal planning, and I don't have a routine worked out yet. It takes time to settle into fall schedules, doesn't it?

And finally, I wanted to share a verse I have in my 3x5 index card flip thing. I write verses I like in it, and flip through them every so often. It's like digging through a treasure chest of truth. I really needed this reminder last week that our battles are not with flesh and blood, but with the spiritual enemies we all have. Thank you Jesus for taking hold of my hand and helping me fight the battles raging in my mind, emotions, and relationships.

Can I get an amen?! Do not fear, my friends! You have an ever-present help.

And honestly, that means everything to me.



  1. you do have a collection... of old thread! :)

  2. beautiful! I especially love the ice cream scoops. I bought a vintage one last year and use it all the time!

    I have a question--how do you volunteer in their rooms? Do you ask the teacher when you can come? My little guy is in pre-k so I'm just figuring this all out :)

    1. Yes, you could try offering help, however our preschool didn't allow parent helpers except for special holiday parties and stuff like that. Id suggest soaking up those few brief hours alone during the preschool years and then be ready to jump in in kinder. It was so much fun to help at that age. But when my kids were in preschool, I really enjoyed the short breaks :) Thanks for your question. I bet a lot of people wonder the same thing.

  3. I love your thread collection! And yes and amen to figuring out fall routines, it's taken a lot of figuring for us around here...I'm sure we'll get it though!

    I will be jumping in to classroom help soon, and that is truly one of my favorite things too. I like your advice to Julia, and maybe if she isn't in the classroom she can prep things for the teacher at home? My daughter's teacher could always use that help.

    And yes, I have a small collection of milk glass, and an even larger collection of old vintage books!

    And finally, praise God for his strong right hand!

  4. i love that verse.
    i'm sure you remember that i memorized it a few months ago.
    well, that and the ones around it.
    it is the verse that i'm working on with the kids now too.
    so good.
    fear is such a destroyer and can really ruin anything it gets it's grasp on.