Saturday, July 30, 2011

This side of paradise

One thing I don't take for granted is where we live.

I know that, especially during the summer, our area is a prime destination for vacationers, not just from elsewhere in the U.S., but from all over the world.

Which means when we don't have any summer trips's not such a bad thing.

Where we live is a summer trip. And we get to enjoy it year-round.

I'm super thankful.

So for the next five days we're on Staycation. Doin' the things we love.

Soaking up the sun.

Getting sandy.

Eating junk, and eating well.

Forgetting the rest of the world for a bit. {And that was just day one.}

So I'll be disconnected for a few, in order to focus on my people.
Here or there or anywhere, I love being with them.



  1. looks so so relaxing. enjoy every second. you deserve it!

  2. ok ...yellow suit (which i LOVE) + your amazing hair + rad hat = absolutely stunning!! have fun, leslie!

  3. How cute are those pics?! Soak it up while it is here. I am feeling school coming around the corner.

  4. you seriously look beautiful in your picture! enjoy the time because summer is winding down....

  5. You totally have the cutesy family ever!!! Have fun! Does that look like balboa island or is it just me? Haha {Just stayed there!}

  6. ahhh...looks beautiful! have a fun staycation!

  7. How wonderful! Hope you have a great staycation!

  8. "staycation all i ever wanted, staycation have to get away" (from the go-go's song, "vacation").

    i think i need to schedule a staycation before school takes over our lives again.

  9. have a blast! you're rockin that hat girl!

  10. Uau....great pics!!! I envy you because at my country, it´s winter now... 5ยบ! How i wish we could have the hot sun right now over here.
    Kisses and God bless you!