Tuesday, November 01, 2011

2 ways to say thanks

Just so you know, I'm blogging right now simply to distract myself from the goings on in my tummy that are not happy.

And to share what's on my mind tonight.

Firstly, I feel really lame because someone in the blog world inspired me to do something cool, and for the life of me, I can't remember whom. I searched high and low today for the post, but to no avail. Tell me if it was you who baked mini muffins and put them in egg cartons and delivered them to your kid's teacher. Please! I so wanted to steal the idea (that I think you stole from Pinterest). I'm so sorry I am blanking. But just know that you inspired me to do a good thing, be an example to my kids, and bless others. And I'm sure I wasn't the only one.

{Edited to add: Maureen commented below and saved the day! Casey made the muffins in the egg cartons!! Casey, you're awesome. I'm embarassed because I actually know Casey and still forgot. I blame the mommy brain.}

Anyhow, I mixed up a batch of these, piped the batter into mini muffins instead of scooped it into cookies, and wrapped up two egg cartons full. I tied the cartons with strips of fabric and yarn, and made orange paper labels for the tops that said, "I am thankful for all you do!" My kids delivered them today to their teachers. I didn't take any pics. Sorry. Just trust me that it was cute.

The second thing on my heart is that I'm doing this with Rachel. It starts tomorrow!

If you're not familiar, it is taking the time to hand write a thank you note to someone in your life every Wednesday in November, and then post about it and link up on the Thursdays.
But my thought is that I'm not sure I want to go public with my letters of thankfulness. I'm sort of thinking I want my sentiments to stay between the recipient and me. Rach says in her original post that that is OK, so I'm not breaking the rules or anything. But what do you think? Are you doing it too?

My other thought about participating is that I want to challenge myself in terms of to whom I will write. I don't want to just write to my husband and best friends and parents. I express my thankfulness for them often enough (what with me and my many, many words, long-winded cards for every occasion, etc.).

I want to think about and ask God who, in my life, needs to know that they matter. Who is aching for significance? Who is wondering if they are making a difference to anyone? 

Teachers? Bible Study leaders? My pastor? My child? (Ooh, that one gave me a chill just typing it.)

The thing is, you can be certain many around you are doubting themselves. We all go there from time to time, right? And the Lord knows exactly who needs a kind word. I just want to make sure I'm doing this to serve Him, not myself. Our effectiveness as believers is magnified greatly if we are listening closely for direction.

We'll see how it unfolds. Maybe I'll be so inspired by God's direction that I'll feel compelled to blog the details after all.

Lastly, friends, I have a fun thing for you to do this week for Grace on a Thursday, so check back if you can. I hope lots of you participate (it's not a linky, just an activity). We can learn a little about each other.

Night night.



  1. what an awesome idea! i just received a random handmade and handwritten card in the mail last week and it's hanging on my fridge. it totally made my week knowing someone took all the time to make and write a card just for me. i know doing that will totally bless someone, leslie!

    aaannd, if you get an itch to mail out some of those muffins to kansas, feel free! :)

  2. What a great way to challenge yourself and go out of your comfort zone! I don't have the energy to take on another commitment right now, but I admire your participation. Look forward to reading about it (if you share). :)

  3. Found this post...not sure if it's the one your referring to, but couldn't help but look.


  4. Handwritten notes are like a lost art in today's society, if you ask me. No one "has time" anymore to sit down and actually PEN A LETTER. Its really sad.
    I always loved getting mail as a kid(heck, I still do) and my girls are the exact same way. My mom just sent them Thanksgiving cards in the mail and you'd think it was Christmas around here:)
    Hope youre having a lovely day, friend!

  5. I love this idea, just this morning I had the kids each write a note of appreciation to a friend. Their little thoughts were so sweet, we will be delivering them this afternoon with a few little goodies! I'm so glad others are thinking of thankfulness and gratitude this month, and not just cruising ahead to Christmas.

    ps: I hope your tummy gets happier!

  6. Thanks, Leslie for the sweet shout-out! And please know that you never need worry on my account for being forgetful... I am the queen of the crazy-looney-flighty Mama brain! :0)

    I'm thrilled you enjoyed this idea. And you were right... I did steal it from Pinterest!


  7. Totally love this. I am also inspired to document my gratitude after yesterday's women's bible study at my church. We were encouraged to document 1000 things we are grateful for(A Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp). So, I decided to involve my family, by asking them to jot something down and place it in a bowl until Thanksgiving Day. Thank you for sharing. I'll be reading!!;)