Monday, November 07, 2011

The Happy Day Project, day 1

If you've been hearing talk of The Happy Day Project all over the place, well, that's because Julie and Jeannett are making people happy. Actually, they're encouraging all of us to make others happy.

And today we accomplished the challenge for Day 1: Bring a treat to a neighbor.

I did not plan for this. I just looked at the prompt this morning, and made do. That's how I roll. If I have the stuff on hand, then great. If not, NBD. Let it slide. We'll try again another day.

But today, we actually did it. I'm not guaranteeing we'll do ALL the challenges this week. I'm just glad we did ONE. Ya know, I gotta take what I can get, and delight in the little things.

In fact, that is what today's printable to go with the challenge was all about. You'll see what I mean in a minute.

What was in my pantry:
TJ's Pumpkin Bread mix
Chopped pecans
Snoopy Cupcake liners 
Dog paper plates from my son's birthday last year.

It was a turquoise and brown theme. Just kidding. There was no theme. It just worked out that way.

It took me about five whole minutes to mix up the batter.
Another five for my daughter to fill the cupcake liners {Pancake Pen required}.
Another five for my son to sprinkle on some pecans.
Twelve minutes to bake, during which we washed the dishes and loaded the dishwasher.

I had some expert "done-ness" testers. Wow, is that cake tester apparently a fun toy.

Mmmmm. Smelling so yummy. There was one muffin sans pecans. Because someone ate them all before he was finished sprinkling.

I spent another five minutes printing the note cards and wrapping the plates with yarn.

Wait. PAUSE on this post. See our new little pets in the background? Meet Rocky and Lily. Lily is the shy one. They were trying to get some sun.

Okay. Resume.

(Of course the parchment paper roll was on its last small rectangle. I learned tape does not stick to parchment. Even the super sticky box tape kind. Wrapped the other plate in plastic wrap.)

And ten minutes to deliver plates of muffins to two neighbor friends.

Ah! They were delighted. The kids had so much fun delivering them to their doors.

One friend just found out she is pregnant, and was feeling pretty awful. She sent me a text later saying our visit made her day. The other friend was so thankful as well, and my kids got invited in to see their giant turtle as a reward. Yeah...our turtles may be moving out before they become describable as "giant."

A little effort. A little modeling of kindness for the sake of the kids (sorta redeems yesterday's post? ha.) A little love...all going a long way. Thanks Julie and Jeannett.

happy day



  1. i need to get in on this action. it looks so fun.

  2. love it Leslie. i need to get my act together and get started on this! but hold up--where are the snoopy cupcake liners from?! eeeek. must have some of those, like now.
    your family photos are gorgeous over ta shauna's today. wow. bet you are just thrilled!

  3. thank you for the sweet comment..I love two favorite things are family and food!

  4. Great post. Kisses and God bless you.