Monday, November 28, 2011

Sit a spell with me

Whew. Why is it not even December and I feel tired? For some reason the additional demands of this time of year always surprise me. I'm sure it's because of our trip and being sick prior to that. I mean, I only took down Classy Spooky like two days ago! But right now, I'm going to sit for a while and chat, with my cup of hot tea.

Do you have yours?

So first up is how much weird pressure I felt over cyber-Monday. Am I the only one? I felt like everything I was going to buy online for Christmas HAD TO BE DECIDED UPON. It was a total tyranny of the urgent situation. I fell for it, and I'm glad it's over. Sometimes I think paying an extra $5 is worth not having to get the right timing, the right coupon code, and the right everything exactly right. Am I right?

Also, I bought an advent house thingy the other day. I've never had one before that you can fill with your own stuff. My overly ambitious idea is to fill it with items that tell a piece of the Christmas story. I thought, "Ooh, that's a good idea." Then I thought, "Wait...25 very tiny symbolic items...where the HECK am I going to get all those?"

The craft store clerk tonight told me they discontinued their line of miniature things six years ago. Thanks peeps. So I bought one small lamb from amongst the animals in the toy dept. One plastic lamb. 24 more holes to go. They did have a little angel, except it looked like a baby. That kind. Um, real angels don't look like chubby babies. That is not what appeared in the sky on Christmas night - not a multitude of winged babies singing "Glory to God in the highest." Help me. I need ideas. Lego guys? Felt critters that I make myself (sounds like a lot of work!)? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Finally, at the bagel shop, I saw a poster for this today, a concert tour called A Christmas Together.

I'm super excited and WILL go to one of these shows. I noticed too that this group of incredibly awesome Christian artists (many local to Orange County) will be taking this little Christmas shindig on the road and are hitting many west coast towns some of you LIVE IN. Hello. San Diego. Fresno. Dude. (That's not a town. Just an expression I sometimes use when I think I'm still sixteen.) But you know who you are if you live there. GO to this show. It will be awesome, and nearly all of the shows ARE FREE! What in the world, right? Sorry, I'm not trying to be pushy. Just excited.

We are in love with many of these bands, including Jadon Lavik, the Pawn Shop Kings, and Tim Timmons (who led worship at our old church for like ten years). I'm excited to get to know the others. My husband downloaded both albums today on iTunes. Those bands are so smart that they recorded all my faves. Even two versions of O Come O Come Emmanuel. 'Member how much I heart that tune? It got two posts last year. Part 1 and Part 2.

So whatcha doing today?

I hope taking some time for a cup of something warm. Cheers.

{Thanks, Amy, for hosting another Virtual Coffee this Tuesday}



  1. We're going on Friday! So excited about all the great music! :)

  2. little baby angels are frustrating to me too! where are all the manly brute angels?

    would the dollar store or the dollar spot have and tiny things you could use? i'm remembering bags of plastic knick knack toys i used to get from there that had a little bit of everything...i hope you find what you're looking for!

  3. What if you check your thrift stores for little nativities? I know mine are just filled with those this time of year, and my kids LOVE having a nativity all their own.

    And I totally get it about cyber Monday, I actually just went ahead and ordered the stuff we knew we wanted to get for the kids and had it shipped a few weeks ago. No waiting for sales, no mad panic at the mall, no stress. The extra I paid for those items is well worth the lack of stress I'm feeling over everything!

    Hope you have a happy Tuesday, we're just coming home from vacay and will probably be playing catch up today :)

  4. well, not one mention of my christmas music list on here. i'll forgive. i do not live in san diego or fresno but i want to go the concert.

  5. funny about cyber monday but i don't usually order that early, ummm...just not that organized : ) if i wouldn't have had my little nieces all day yesterday i may have got sucked in though. i think if i get my christmas decorations out this week it might just help me get more into the holiday spirit...i hope. thanks for coffee-or tea- today, Leslie!

  6. O come, O come Emmanuel is my favorite hymn.

    And I know what you mean. It isn't even December and I'm tired, and a little overwhelmed. Wowza.

    :) Alita

  7. have you tried wal-mart? they have a little dollar section. i raided it all the time when i taught pre-school.
    that concert sounds like fun.

  8. love your blog -- so cool -- everything about it!!! i also felt that cyber pressure, but didn't cave into the credit card follies : ). maybe next week. have a good one -- thanks for coffee!

  9. dude! i know tim timmons too! tim, whose staff name was "woody," worked at yssc with my husband micahel.

    i last saw tim at a worship conference i attended at saddleback.

    if i recall right he was leading worship at mariners?

    small small world.

    i have an advent box. 25 individual boxes to fill. i fill it with slips of paper {and sometimes candy} that have an activity that we will do that day.
    our activities are a wide range from make a paper chain, watch a christmas movie, bake, make an ornament, host a cookie exchange to have a free hot chocolate stand {which we did for 6 yrs}.
    kristen {idaho mom} has a daily reading that she does during advent {i'm sure she'll post a link to it soon. usually does this time of year}.

  10. oooh! i used to love filling up those little advent boxes! enjoy every minute - they'll be jaded teenagers before you know it *sigh*

  11. I have an advent calendar with little doors. I bought sets of miniature wooden ornaments at Michael's. There are about a dozen in each set, and they were under $5. I got a religious and secular set, since I couldn't find 2 religious ones. So there are trains and Christmas trees and the like interspersed with Mary and Joseph. Each day, the kids take out one ornament and hang it on a miniature tree I also got at Michael's for about $3. The kids love it. I have done slips of paper with activities and verses as well. This year I am printing out an advent booklet from Ann Voskamp's site. :)


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