Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back home and a glimpse of OK

Hi Friends!

I missed my little acreage in blogland. And I really missed visiting all of yours. While we were on vacay in Oklahoma this last week for the holiday break, I was aware I'd be missing all the Thanksgiving blogland happiness and inspiration. But the break was so worth it to spend time absorbing a different environment and basking in relationships I don't get to enjoy often enough.

There is so much to tell...where do I begin?

Well, how about here: today I unpacked my kids' suitcase and started their laundry. Normally, I find little trinkets in the bottom of the washer after pulling out the wet clothes. Legos, marbles, coins...I'm sure you do too. Today, I found two 9 mm bullet casings that my little guy must have plucked out of the field the day we took quite an assortment of firearms out to shoot at buckets, plastic milk jugs, and paper targets.

How's that for evidence of a different environment? To say he enjoyed his share of turns with the BB gun (and new coon-skin cap) is an understatement.

Speaking of hats, my dad has to take a silly hat with him wherever he travels. You cannot conceive of the types of hats he has in his collection. I don't know where he finds them, but the supply seems to be endless. And funny. On this trip, he chose what appears to be a golf visor that has wild grey fur-like hair poking out the top. Moving on.

My little princess discovered she has a special place in her heart for fishing. Her pops does too, so his generous encouragement and patience in teaching her helped. She was the most stylish fisher-girl I've ever seen. Our first day at the pond on my grandparents' land, she caught 10 fish (and touched zero - smart girl).

As for me, I just loved being with my family. Staying in their homes, driving on their roads, eating at their restaurants, getting a taste for their lives.

Being in someone's world helps you learn so much about them. And I loved that. I actually welled up with tears upon entering my grandparents' house, where I haven't been for nine years, and where I have so many fond memories it was just too much for my heart to contain. I also sort of knew it was likely to be my last time there. My grandparents, both in their mid-80's, are already seriously struggling to live on their own, especially living an hour away from decent medical care.

It was so very good to be with them, and with all my other relatives for Thanksgiving. I have a lot more to share, but for now, here are a few shots we ended up with that we thought would make for a hilarious Christmas card. Just imagine the captions.



  1. sounds like a perfect way to enjoy thanksgiving!
    i love all the photos, but the one of all of y'all shooting is a money shot.
    praise jesus for sweet family time and new memories!


  2. Welcome home! So glad you had a good time, family memories are the best :)

  3. i think that christmas card would be HILARIOUS

  4. that would be a HILARIOUS christmas card!

    your daughter is the best dressed fisher-woman i've ever seen.

    i want to steal your dad. funny man.

    this post reminds me of visiting my great grands in minnesota just before i was married. i remember riding bikes with my great-grandfather through their very small "hope floats" like town. taking in their sites, their places, their people, their smells. hmmm. miss them.

    glad you are home and enjoyed your time.