Monday, November 28, 2011

Lovely moments

Of all the memories made and fun we had on our trip, the most precious moments were captured in the midst of love.

Relationships are what make my life lovely.

{how can two of my loved ones be exactly eighty years apart in age??}

Generations. History. Heritage.

{my grandpa and my brother}

{my mom and my daughter}

{little guy and my grandma}

 {little guy and my dad}



{our dear friend Kelli, who drove 5 hours to meet us in OK.}

{my sis-in-law and I rockin' the pre "no-heat curls" hair.}


{my fav aunt and uncle. ok, they're my only. but if I had a choice, they'd still be my fav.}

That's a life full of lovely. Thank you, Lord.

Where would we be without each other?



  1. Such a wonderful post,Leslie. Your trip looks amazing-many memories for sure!
    And Ive been doing the no heat curls thing on G ever since you & Shauna showed us how to do it. Awesome results!
    I miss you lots. Have a lovely week.

  2. oh, it looks like a great time. anywhere full of family and making memories you know you and your kids will never forget is the best thing ever if you ask me!

  3. I love seeing you pics from this trip. They remind me of when I used to visit my grandparent's farm in MN. So glad you had such fun trip.

  4. I'm loving all your photos! It looks like you all had a wonderful time! My favorite shot is the one with your dad helping little guy shoot the hand gun. I love that the little has his eyes tightly shut while your dad guides his cool. Looking forward to reading more as you post!

  5. I love all these sweet photos of memories and family and fall. :) Glad you had such a special time!

    Oh, and I've found bullet casings in my kids' pockets, too. I don't know where boys find this stuff, but they do! :)

  6. very lovely. what a treat to see the faces of some of your favorite people.