Sunday, April 01, 2012

Palm Sunday and a picnic

I'm starting to itch for summer. The thermometer hit 70 degrees today, so I suggested we do dinner at the beach. It was the year's inaugural trip, I think.

And my, it was chilly and very windy. The kids complained of being freezing. Okay. That's real life. Nothing ever goes perfectly, does it? 

But sometimes, something unexpected - like a beach dinner and a lot of wind - can be exhilarating.

And watching the sunset....well, that always leaves one a bit speechless.

We watched the tide creep toward us and the sun reduce to a dot on the horizon. As if they were growing more and more excited for the close of the day, the gulls circled in growing numbers as the sun got lower. In a blink, the dot was snuffed out.

The gulls then rested one by one on the sand. I think they know. Of course, they are full of worship too.

And tonight I remember.

The people laid palm fronds in His path. They lined the road in large crowds. And they shouted loudly,
"Hosanna! Hosanna!" to the king on a colt.

I used to think that meant they were praising Him, like cheerleaders for their star player.

But just recently I learned what "Hosanna" means. It means, "God, save us!"

It's not a cheer. It's a plea.

And in my mind, I can see it on their faces because I recognize the plea in my heart. They are not as much excited as they are desperately eager for a rescuer.

It gave me a lump in my throat that silenced my singing "Hosanna in the highest" this morning at church.

God, save us.

I cried it for my friends who don't know Him. For the people I know who are hurting and suffering. And for my own family, fragile and precious. God, save us.

Tonight, like the gulls, I'm sitting still at the end of the day. I too like the people lay my palms down, lift my hands, and let the prayer Hosanna echo in my soul.



  1. i really like this post. a lot.
    the picture of the sunset and the gulls beautiful!
    hope you have a wonderful week friend!

  2. oh amen. I really admire the way you write, the way you parent and the way you live your faith. thanks for sharing, as usual.

  3. Beautiful. Thank you! Hosanna!

  4. wow... i didn't know the actual meaning of hosanna either 'til this post.
    i've totally pictured it as a 'rah-rah' sort of thing too.
    so interesting that they were so desperate for a saviour. wow... so should i be too.