Monday, October 22, 2012

A pumpkin patch trip (I think fall is finally here!)

I look forward to a trip to the pumpkin patch with my family all October. But I secretly boycott it until the weather here feels fallish. The heat, in the 90's all September and off and on for the last few weeks this October, has been tormenting me. I refuse to go to the p-patch in a tank top and shorts. It's like eating watermelon at Christmas. Just wrong.

Finally, this past weekend, the temp dropped somewhere in the 70's. The sun even hid for a few hours. Phew.

While some of us put on some slightly warmer clothes for an overcast late afternoon at the p-patch, a 7-year-old in my company was very unhappy. The idea of long sleeves and pants was so offensive to him that there was door slamming and loud stomping throughout the house. A compromise was found when he was allowed to wear a short sleeved Star Wars tee in case he was "sweating to death," and the long-sleeved one could just be tied around his waist. We are spoiled by the sunshine here, it's true.

The afternoon was really fun. No one sweated to death. There were actual leaves on the ground that were brown.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from our time.

Now if only the "gold" she panned for and collected in that little sack could have paid for that ginormous pumpkin.



  1. Bahaaha I always tell my husband I'm "sweating to death" and he rolls his eyes. Glad to know I sound like a 7 year old ;)

  2. haha, I loved the writing in this post. So vivid and funny! that pumpkin really is huge and it looks like you guys had a great time. I have yet to go to a pumpkin patch because it doesn't feel like autumn quite yet here either. :(

  3. Oh goodness...I love this post! I always use the phrase "sweating to death," too! :) You have such a beautiful family! And that pumpkin is awesome! :)

  4. We just took the girls to the pumpkin patch Sunday afternoon...for the first time ever! I know, horrible parents. We had a great time! They picked smaller pumpkins so they could indulge in caramel apples(a super rare treat!)
    I love seeing the kids. Tell them hello from "Mrs.G!" :)

  5. LOVE that shot in the hay maze... super darling pics as always! :)

  6. how many times have i argued with my own when there is a change of season. oh, the faces i get. motherhood.

    great photos.

    that is a ginormous pumpkin!

  7. Whoa, Leslie, you are simply beautiful!! Fall colors look good on you. Your green jacket is perfect.

    Looks like a great family outing!

  8. What a great time!:) I love the pumpkin patch! And almost got engaged at one, except it was raining that day:) You have one adorable bunch there girl!!!!

  9. where is this pumpkin patch? it looks amazing!