Monday, October 29, 2012

A salvage517 special from these hungry characters

I thought this was the funniest picture from our trip to the p-patch last weekend. I get tempted to throw everything Halloween related into the "bad" category, and of course, nearly all of the creepy stuff out there in the stores and on people's lawns is not stuff we choose to embrace in our family. But I also think we can take life a little seriously sometimes too.

With discretion and sound judgement, we can also be silly. And this picture says that to me. I mean, look at how each skeleton - even the dog! - represented each of our family members so well. I'm even wearing a chunky green necklace! C'mon. That's funny. I may have to put this photo in a frame and display it every October, because one day, my kids won't be so little and able to enjoy these kinds of family moments. Life irons the silly right out of us, doesn't it?

So in the name of silliness, caramel apples, cider, miniature boxes of Junior Mints (my personal favorite), photos of our kids dressed as super heroes and fairies, and all the fun we'll get to enjoy this week.....

Please enjoy a special discount code for my shop!
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{special ends when you see Snoopy rise out of the pumpkin patch,
or Wednesday at midnight...whichever comes first}

OH! and I'll be posting my October Thanks-living linky a little early, Tuesday evening instead of Wednesday, for those of you who may be extra busy on get your posts ready with all you've been grateful for this past month!



  1. Hi Leslie,
    That is a fun photo of your family! What are the ages of your kids? I have an 8 year old boy. Just found your page today through Covered In Grace. I'm following you. Look forward to chatting with you!

  2. Great photo of the fam, Leslie! I always avoided scary stuff for Halloween and then one year my son asked to dress up as Frankenstein. I thought and fretted, but my husband assured me it would be ok. He throughly enjoyed being green and kind of scary, and he still loves Jesus. :)

  3. it does go by really fast. i'd have to pay my bigger kids to take this photo- which is ADORABLE!