Saturday, July 09, 2011

Looky here, lurkers

Hey, I decided this weekend should be de-lurking weekend.
(know what that means? a "lurker" is a name for those who read blogs but prefer to stay unknown or "silent")

Waitwaitwait! Don't go away. This is what I mean.

I myself sometimes fall into that category.
So I'm going to comment on AT LEAST one blog I've never commented on before.
I'm going to say Hi to a nice, cute, blogger friend, and let her know she is making a difference. Because each of us truly is, in our own corner of the world. And I believe we should take the time to lift each other up. Also, I'm not about to ask you to come out of hiding on this blog, if I'm not willing to do the same elsewhere.  

So let's de-lurk together.
(I think the more I use that made-up word, the more I'm thinking it's real.)
How about you? If you've never said Hello and introduced yourself here before, why not now?
I know a lot of you are newish. So who are ya? Where are ya? Do you blog? If so, about what?
What's something you love?
Weiner dogs? Cross-stitch? Kayaking? What?

{This post contains a random list of things you may not know about me.}

Or if you don't want to comment here, that's cool. But I'd encourage you to say Hello somewhere else. Let someone know you benefit from what they are putting out there.

Blogging feels risky at times. And it's nice to know that a community is nearby, listening, praying, and sharing your joys and pains.

And if you have been following along for a while, I want to say thanks for encouraging me in the many ways that you do. It means so much to me.

Every one of your words blesses me.
So thank you.

Now I'm off to try to shake my "lurker" status and bless someone else...



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  2. Love what you're all about Leslie! The Spirit speaks through your writing. I always leave your blog feeling so encouraged in my own walk.

  3. good morning leslie! daily reader of your beautiful blog. am always so inspired and encouraged from reading your posts!

  4. Hello! I don't think I've ever commented, but have been reading along for a few months! I so enjoy what you write and the perspective that you share - it definitely blesses me!

  5. Hello! I think I have commented. But just in case HI! My name is Lauren.I love your blog. Very real. You always speak to my heart. I blog two places . My professional one is and my fun one is www, Hope you have a great day!

  6. Pretty sure I've left a comment, but I still just want you to know that I think you rock, Lady!!! I love blogging about life on the crazy road of motherhood. I also have a link up on Sundays called, It's a God Thing.It's new and I love reading what blogging friends have to share. Keep it up, Leslie, we are all encouraged by you!

  7. What a great idea, Leslie! This comment is the second time I've delurked today! Woo-hoo! Thank you for the honestly and love that you share here!

  8. good idea Leslie! today i did go kayaking for the first time and i loved it. i'm also sunburnt and did smell like a dead fish but i'm clean now ; )

  9. Love your thoughts in this post! I'm a new follower ...found you about a week ago and I love your blog and what you are all about. I'm new to blogland. I started in May and I am trying to make a point of visiting AND commenting on at least 3 blogs a day. I've met so many lovely ladies already! And yes, putting your thoughts out there in a blog sometimes feels risky.. its such a blessing when someone is encouraged by it.

  10. Hi, today is blogging collective Project 10 in 10! 10 photos in 10 different times of the day 10. Join us! Kisses and God bless you.

  11. Hello, Leslie!! Allow me to introduce myself...I'm Michaela over at I'm a seasoned pro at "lurking" and new at my blogging myself. Sweet girlies like you inspired me to share my journey too. Have a great Sunday! --michaela

  12. No lurking here! I'm a follower as of two or three days ago, and I love your blog.

  13. Ok, I admit it, I'm one of your "lurkers".

    I used to blog everyday, but since my dad's battle with leukemia is coming to an end, I find little that inspires me. Some things just don't seem as important as they used to, but I'm hoping they will again sometime.

    I design, sew and sell little girls hand embroidered clothing on Etsy which feeds my creative side. I have also really gotten into gardening/landscaping this summer and wish I could spend every minute outside. My kiddos are loving being outside as much as possible too. We are in MN so we have to make the most of it while we can.

    I love your blog and always look forward to seeing a new post from you.

  14. I just found your blog through Joy's Hope which was posted on my cousin's blog Banmanland. I blog about my life, something I started when I first moved away to college so my family could follow along on my adventures, some of which took my to Paris for a few years.
    I just got married last week, so I'm looking forward to blogging about married life, and, once again, about looking for a job and trying to carve out a living in these times!