Monday, July 11, 2011

Virtual iced tea


{linking up with Amy this Tuesday morning}

It's warm in these here parts! No place for hot drinks for me this week. I'm all about the iced tea right now.

And if we were meeting up at Starbucks for iced tea (like I am with this friend this morning!) this is what I'd order (though those Coconut Mocha Fraps look SOOO good!) "Grande black tea in a Venti cup with extra ice, unsweetened," and this is what I'd share.

Summer is super fun, but also sorta rough. I'm getting very, very few of my regular jobs accomplished. Why oh WHY do I think, "Oh, in SUMMER, I'll reorganize the craft pantry." "Once the kids are out of school, I can work on the photo albums." On and on I deluded myself a few months ago. What on earth was I thinking? I get far LESS extra projects done in the summer than during the rest of the year, because my number one priority is doing these things with my kids.

Yes, that is a great priority. Yes, enjoying summer activities is truly at the top of my agenda. Yes, these years will fly by, and one day, I'll have more time than I can dream of to organize the pantry. I'll probably feel sick to my stomach at how much free time I have in an empty house during the long, hot summer days fifteen years from now.  So yes, every summer I choose the same thing. But also, every summer, I feel increasingly behind on my jobs. I guess I can't escape it. I just have to roll with it.

Today, we played with friends, went swimming, painted with watercolors, ate popsicles, made cookies, did some journaling and workbooks, and had a great family dinner. It was seriously an awesome summer day.

Who's to say that doing those things with my kids is not really doing my jobs? Isn't that exactly what my main jobs are all about? Yes. I think so. I'm totally making a good trade.

The hideous craft pantry will have to wait. Yeah, I know. Good thing it has doors.

So what are you up to this Tuesday? And more importantly, do your kids "organize" like mine do?? Just curious.

Have a great day.


  1. aw, i'm so bummed, especially since you anticipated and referenced the meet-up in a blog post!?! so much worse!

    but seriously, what a morning: it took us 25 minutes just to get her teeth brushed. haven't even attempted getting her dressed yet... anyway, i know i'll be okay ;) and we WILL reschedule, promise!

    also, that does sound like the perfect summer day, even if it does leave you feeling behind.

  2. Oh my gosh our craft cabinet(our old TV armoire) looks exactly the same way. Ive told my girls theyre not allowed back in it until it gets organized. Its killing them since they LOVE to create. Im seriously ready to Craigslist the cabinet and go with a smaller space!

  3. Oh, me too. I am learning to love how things just don't get done in the summer. Enough time when the kidlets are in school, I say and so much easier when they aren't un-doing all the do-ing you are do-ing! It is hot here too and we are poolside often or lakeside when we can get out there. My favorite time of year. Thanks for the iced tea, how did you know I like lemon in it?

  4. Yeah I'd ditch the craft pantry to do all the fun stuff you did today. Unfortunately, I do the same thing too...try to cram WAY too much into the summer months, which is so weird because we are so much busier. I guess I need to save those projects for when we have blizzards...that's the ticket. Have a great rest of the summer. Thanks for coffee

  5. Eh. Whoever said summers were for getting stuff done anyway? ;) Just kidding! I totally know how you feel about not getting stuff done, but it sure does sound worth it!

  6. good choice little momma.
    we loved playing and swimming and baking.
    WAY better than loosing you to an organizing frenzy.

  7. ummm! i was sure i commented yesterday, but...
    anyway, hello from england :) and i have to say my crafty mess is bigger than yours *hehe* nice to meet you and i love your blog header :)

  8. i feel the same way Leslie! some days i have completely accepted that i will never get all the things i need to done and some days it drives me crazy and seriously stresses me out. such is life. guess my house will be clean and organized in the Fall...maybe ; ) thanks for tea, mama!!

  9. Leslie,
    I am SO with you on this... it's scaaaaary! Seriously. You just spoke my language. AND my craft closet looks exactly like that...
    AND "clean out craft closet" has been on my to -do list since day one of summer. What?! Did you read my mind?? :0)
    Thanks for sharing so I don't feel alone in my constant struggle between tasks and playing!