Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grace on a Thursday: For all who blog

I had a humbling realization today.

In church this past weekend, our pastor talked about how if you're in relationships with other people long enough, someone - some well intentioned follower of Jesus- will most likely start to annoy you. Just because that's how relationships work. People are messy and imperfect. Feelings get hurt. Words get spoken that can't be taken back.

And then for the humbling part; he pointed out that I too am probably annoying someone. Maybe in my Bible Study, maybe in my peer group at the elementary school, and maybe in every circle I'm in. Maybe I'm annoying to someone, even though I'm a well-intentioned follower of Jesus. Maybe LOTS of people are annoyed by me!

Today, I realized that means I must be annoying in the blog world to some people too. Ugh. (Why can't we all just get along!?) Most certainly, some people have come across this blog and rolled their eyes. Some have probably followed for a while, and said, "Enough with that dramatic redhead. She's just so annoying!" I hate to face that fact; we all just want to be liked.

The nerve of people who don't like my blog! (Ok, well I sorta get it. I sometimes annoy myself.) But the point is that no matter how hard I try, I cannot and will never be all things to all people all the time. I cannot make everyone happy, be sensitive to everyone's feelings, and maintain a voice on my blog that speaks to every person. I just can't.

And that's okay. Grace today is what I'm giving myself, particularly in blogging. God has given me my particular blog "voice", human as it may be, for His good purposes. He has brought every person who needs something of what I have to offer to read those words, in His timing, and through His orchestration. So I don't need to reach every heart or worry about being completely unoffensive to every person. All I can do is obey God and use my imperfect voice which speaks from my imperfect perspective when and how He leads me.

Oh, and here's one other thing I can do: try to keep my eyes off my statistics. Checking my blog stats and focusing on my number of followers just entangles me. It steers my heart in the direction of wondering whether or not I'm likable, or effective, or have the "right" things to say. Those are all wrong directions.

I'm sure I've written things here that have turned people more off than on to God, even though my heart is for the opposite. I'm sure I've offended someone, and come across as an opinionated, self-righteous, narrow-minded American (funny how "American" is a little bit of a derogatory term these days). And I'm sure I've lost followers because of my own legitimately broken perspective.

Even on my very best blogging day, when I feel a strong sense of truth pressing through my typing fingers, I'm still human me, still going through my own process of transformation, still not there. Thankfully, grace is available to me every day until God is finished transforming me into His likeness, ending on the day I die. Sometimes I wish He would get on with the transforming business a little more quickly. But He's not in a hurry with me. He's patient with me, and so should I not be as patient with myself?

Tonight, I humbly line up a few more words, knowing that not everyone will chime with them or care. Someone may roll her eyes. That's okay. I blog as I learn to know Him and make Him known, for His kingdom, and for the sake of my children and grandchildren.

My words and my blog are not perfect, but they are covered with grace.



  1. Love this post! That very fact (that despite my great intentions I'm probably annoying to one or multiple people at once) has bursted my bubble so many times. It's a good thing to be reminded that we're human and incapable of pleasing everyone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Whew! Thank you for this. I so needed to read this confirmation. I have been in a really busy season around the house with the kids,activities,etc. I have not had much time for blogging or dreaming up content. I really believe that God has me in this season for a reason, not to compare to others, but stay focused on Him.

    Thanks again for the reminder that His grace is sufficient.....

  3. Good word, friend. I know I annoy people. I also know I get confused and twisted sometimes in my blogging motives. Thanks for the reminder that His grace makes a way for me to be only who He is making me to be.

    P.S. You don't annoy me one bit. I love the way you challenge me in my faith! :)

  4. So true, Leslie, for all of us. :) You spoke this well.

  5. I love the words on your blog because they are uniquely yours. They are what God puts on your heart. Press on friend.

  6. well, you haven't annoyed me yet. haha!
    leslie, i am grateful for your voice here. it is dripping grace. praising jesus for you!


  7. You have a wonderful voice, and what's so neat about it is that is' completely you.

    Continue being true to what God's calling you to do and say and let him worry about the rest.

    I have been encouraged many times over by your words and your insights and perspective. We can't (and aren't supposed to) please everybody, and that's okay.

    Keep it up! You're making an impact!

  8. I love your blog always. lately I've been too busy which in turn hasn't left with much time to check in with my favorite bloggers.

    The way I see it is you have to get out what God puts on your heart and if you touch just one person with your words, well that's a bonus!

    Your amazing. And your truth is always so so good.
    Keep on keepin on friend. All for His glory.


  9. "God has given me my particular blog "voice", human as it may be, for His good purposes."

    so so true.

    thank you for these words.

    i need to embrace them again. write and hit publish on the "strong sense of truth i feel him pressing through my fingers as i type."

    you're cool.
    i like you're red hair, and your heart.

  10. god did not make redheads to be whispering nervous ninnies.
    and you will always be my favorite redhead, annoying or not.
    i mean, unless i birth a redheaded child later in life...then he/she will be my favorite and you will be a close second.

    don't worry, friend, just listen and obey Jesus...

  11. I accidently found your blog through Instagram. What a lovely place you have here. I am anxious to browse around and visit for awhile!

  12. What a beautiful post! I agree with you that a lot of people in the blog world tend to try to be all things to all people. But, if your ultimate goal is glorify Christ, you are going to offend some people. Which I think is just fine. It's our number one goal in life :)

    - Erin :)

  13. I like your voice. A lot. Because I feel like you are one of the only bloggers who sounds like my very own thoughts. I can identify with you and that makes you valuable.

    I recently read your post on marriage (and your friend's guest post on marriage) to my friend who is majorly struggling in hers. I felt so thankful to God that He had given me a resource to be able to point to what is right and what is true, in real life. You are being used! In real lives! You are a resource of truth and vulnerability and I just wanted you to know it.

  14. Oh jeez.... I'm SUCH a people pleaser!
    This was a great one for me to read.
    Thanks, as always!!

  15. Whew, a lot to think about.:) I think you're awesome and i love your last lines when you say "i blog as i learn to know Him and make HIm known....etc." so true and freeing.:)