Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mama's Day shopping

If you're new here, I'm not all seriousness at top of the page. I am also a girl who appreciates a nice hour to bask in Anthropologie or browe etsy for some cute new wall decor. My list is growing in my head for Mother's Day gift ideas and I thought I'd share them.

{ Pay attention, love of mine }

1. Anthropologie is a given.

I really like this shirt. I wear a Small and I already tried it on. It's too much money, but if it goes on sale by Mother's Day, it would be acceptable.

2. Erin Condren is our friend.

Today I saw that it's that time of year where Plum District offers $25 off a $50 purchase. You know about this website, right? If not, it's super cute and modern stationery, calendars, (amazing) planners, and lots of other things I discovered today when I was on it. I bought some of the 52-page week at a glance personalized calendar pads for Christmas presents and they came out so beautifully. But sadly, I didn't get one for myself. Why does that happen? However, because Erin Condren is our friend, she sent me these gift labels as a thanks. How did she know I love peacocks too?

And yes please to all of these.

phone cuteness.

book plates.

love this growth chart! (LOOK how you can add the heights of people you love on the right, and they list famous people's heights on the left!!)

And I know my mom would love one of the iPad covers that I can personalize with a family photo. Such a good idea for a mom's day gift for her. Shhh.

Go here to get the Plum District deal. You can even save an extra 10% off the $25 if you pay with a Visa card and use the code VISA10. You're welcome. Then go here to check out Erin Condren's many lovelies. I was even spying the teacher's planners for end of the year gifts for my kids' teachers.

3. Lindsey (from Out of Alabaster) + Jessi (from Naptime Diaries) = something I want.

I've never had silhouettes of my kids before, and have always wanted them. Well, have you seen this rockin' collaboration between these two fabulous ladies? Totally want my darling children's faces on the chevron with their life verse reference below their names. Or maybe the meaning of their names below their names. I can't decide. It's all so happy.

There are so many great things in both these ladies shops. They don't know I'm giving them a little shout-out here, but I just thought you too may want some of this happiness for Mama's Day.

Ok pals. Enough shopping for one day.

Now go clean the kitchen. (mine is calling me!!)



  1. I need the phone cover ASAP.

  2. Ummmm, I lied. The cover is $60. Sooooo, let's just say I "want" the phone cover. Not need.

  3. I already cleaned my kitchen...so there. I want those sillouette prints in a bad way. But stupid me had 4 kids, which adds up. But Mother's day and my birthday are in the same month so maybe I can con someone into getting them for me.

  4. Love the shirt, actually I love everything.