Sunday, April 15, 2012

Speaking my language

This past week, during our Spring Break, I was reminded that God doesn’t exclusively love us despite ourselves. He doesn’t only care for us because of His patience and mercy in light of our otherwise helpless souls. He is not always looking down on us in pity and compassion. It is not all about grace.
I sometimes forget this, especially around Easter, when I try to be focused on my need for a Savior. But I truly believe God wants me to remember that He is not only my Savior.
He is also my dad. He is also my husband. He is also my best friend.
And a perfect version of a dad, husband, and a best friend LOVES you because they can't not. They love you because their hearts are powerfully compelled to.   
Sometimes God just wants to say, "I love you!" because He just really does love me.
He is crazy about me. Like the way I feel about my husband or my kids or my best friends times a zillion.
I think after Easter, He looked at me, smiled, and said, “She just doesn’t get it. Not quite. She isn’t remembering that I just plain love her. I want to make her heart swell. I just have to get it through to her, through the thick fog of distractions and counterfeits. I need to shout my love right now. And she hears me best when I speak her language."
He knows how to speak my language. The language of my heart that I’m not even sure anyone else knows but Him. It’s a very complex language, with a history and a story. It's intimate, personal, and completely unique to me.
And so you may not resonate with this part, because it's not your language. I know that. But mine is made up of things like this, things that the Lord brought before my eyes, blessed me with, and made my heart swell this week in a way I recognize is only Him.


Getting to teach biology lessons to my kids in nature.

Watching my daughter's character emerge in restful moments; the way she is a helper, a sensitive encourager, and a peacemaker. 

Thunder and board games with my family.

Getting to sleep in. (Yes, that is so my language.)
A little boy who wakes up in the morning and won't get out of bed until he gets snuggles with mama. His skinny arms thrown round my neck and dripping tears on my cheek because our vacation is almost over.
Light-hearted times with my man, laughing, relaxing, and loving each other.

Not having anywhere to go. An agenda wiped clean by the rain.

He so knows what I need. He so gets me. And I get the message. My heart is full.
What's your language? Is your heart tuned to hear Him speak love to you lately?  

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  1. Love this!! Coming over from Bits of Splendor!

  2. Lately, God has been speaking to me in the language of lament. With comfort in the midst of suffering and uncertainty. It's a difficult language to speak, but His spirit speaks it fluently. :)